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We agree to agree. Awesome,
Tue Feb 15, 2011 22:06

As a way of cooling off after his exercise routine, Hector began stretching before actually leaving the Pitch. His hazel eyes were subtly looking Elly over. He couldn’t help it, he really appreciated women’s beauty, and the redheaded Seeker was no exception. However, it was clear to the blonde that Elly would never ever be part of his fun, she knew Mia. It sort of irritated him, since probably the redhead would play with him if Mia was not in the picture, but she was, and Hector would not change it for the world. He was very addicted to Mia. It did not matter how many women he was with, he always ended with her. She was a drug, and he was happily hooked up on her.

Hector rolled his eyes at her sarcasm, but he was quite used to it by now. Elly did it as a matter of a joke, she did not mean it. She was too nice of a person to be mean to anyone. Not even him, and he deserved it most of the time.

He listened to Elly recount what she had done during the summer, it sounded like an okay summer. In comparison to his, everything seemed boring or uneventful, since Hector’s life was filled with unexpected fun things. But hey, not everyone had the fortune of being him. He raised a playful eyebrow at her, “Saul?” his tone was mocking but filled with curiosity at the same time. It was the first time he heard Elly mentioning a guy, he had played with the idea of Elly batting for the other team (I mean really…who did not notice or reacted to his awesome body?), but apparently he had misjudged her, and the redhead was one of those girls that liked to keep her life private.

After finishing with his stretching, Hector made his way towards his things, and sipped some more water before picking them up. “My summer was okay. Parties, annual family retreat to the beach and of course, Mia.” To be honest, hi summer had been more than okay, but he doubted Elly would understand any of it, and he was tired to actually explain it to her. Hector smiled at her, “Like always, a pleasure. See you another time Elly.” He ruffled his hair and exited the Pitch, he had other things in mind, and they were more interesting that chatting with Elly, and he could do that some other time.

  • I happen to agreeElly, Sat Feb 12 14:51
    "Quite the contrary Elly, you won’t be spending time with me," Hector said. "Haha," Elly replied with mild sarcasm. She knew Hector well enough to know that you couldn't be friends with him without... more
    • We agree to agree. Awesome, — Hector, Tue Feb 15 22:06
      • Yep, awesome. Now buzz off. Thanks :DElly, Wed Feb 16 07:07
        It was somehow surprising sometimes when Elly's friends didn't know who Saul was. Most of her friends knew Saul, and those who didn't had usually heard Elly mention him when she talked about... more
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