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Coach Simon Green
Quidditch Try-Outs
Tue Feb 15, 2011 22:18

Simon Americus Green was not a very happy human being right now; in fact he was more on the angry part. Everything had to with his expulsion from the Quidditch League. Well, it had not been an expulsion per se, but a relentless pressure for him to resign from his post in the League. He had been an extraordinaire player in his time, but at 55 years old his playing days were long gone. Instead he had devoted into being a key part of the League, he had practically managed the whole thing without any help, until recently. It angered him that they made him quit his job, but he had no other choice.

Thanks to years and years of discipline in the nutrition and exercising department, his physical build had hardly changed. You could see age had gone through the body, but the vestiges of greater days were still visible. It made Simon a little less sad about growing old. His brown hair was marred with some gray hairs, but the chocolaty feature of it was more visible than not. Thanks to Circe for that.

The ex-Beater still had a lot of energy and things to give to the best sport since the beginning of time, and since he could not continue his work for the league or play, he settled for a coaching position. It was not that bad, he just needed to get used to it, and everything it implied. Simon liked teenagers, sort of.

Since his arrival at SUM, he had not talked to anyone, keeping to himself. For some reason, he preferred solitude for the time being, he would become social when the reality of his new life fully sunk in. The day of the try-outs was the first day he would have human contact, and with his mentees. Simon had heard all about the team before he had accepted the job, he could not coach a team without any sort of hope.

The new Coach had set-up the announcement for the try-outs and hoped for a good turn out. Once everyone had assembled he blew his whistle – he had to admit it was his favourite part of it all. “Good morning. I am your Coach, Simon Green.” He looked at all of them. The weather was perfect for a flawless try-out, and he was glad for it. “I would like everyone to introduce themselves. I want to know your name, position, year and experience with the sport.” While everyone was talking, Simon took notes about his hopeful players. Once they were finished, he nodded at them and continued

“Well, it is time for this to begin. Keepers, go to the South side of the Pitch, there you will encounter four charmed Chaser dummies that will try to score on you. They have different abilities, and they will keep track of the goals they score. One shot per dummy chaser” Simon was glad all the equipment used by his predecessor was still there. The charmed dummies would keep track of everything.

The brown-haired man cleared his throat, “Chasers go to the North. There you will find a charmed Keeper dummy. You have four shots at it.” The Coach checked his notes before addressing the Beater hopefuls. “Beaters, you will try and hit the Chaser dummies with the Bludgers. You have two minutes to hit them as much and hard as you can and want.” Again, the dummeies would keep track of every hit. “Use one of the bats I am providing.” Simon pointed at them. The bats were essential for the dummies to keep track of everything; they were charmed to differentiate among the players.
“Last but not least, the Seekers will look for this. After you catch it, let it free so the next one can attempt it.” Simon took out of his pocket a slightly altered snitch. The snitch would keep track of everything. The beauty of magic. Simon would just need to watch them, and take notes. He would revise them later, in the peace of his office.

“Let this begin.” Simon let go of the altered snitch and blew his whistle. Try-outs had just begun.

    • CLOSED (nm)Coach Green, Fri Mar 4 15:03
    • Viva l'Errant!Gabriel Errant, Fri Feb 25 17:04
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    • Keeping and continuing some of those issues.Calix Panos, Fri Feb 25 14:33
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    • Chasing...Patrick DiCaprio, Wed Feb 16 18:52
      Quidditch tryouts. Once he'd heard, Patrick was quick to grab his worn broom and practice all he could beforehand. He'd been the Chaser at his high school for two years and the Beater for another... more
      • ....your dreams awayHector Edwards, Mon Feb 21 19:04
        Quidditch was something he was amazing at, Hector could do wonders with his hands, and that was just a very specific way of speech. He literally could do it, and he hadn’t had any one say otherwise.... more
    • Seeking is my calling.Elly Eriksson, Wed Feb 16 10:39
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    • Stoked and ready to do some Beating!Liana Chapman, Wed Feb 16 07:57
      When she heard that there would be Quidditch try-outs again this year, she'd been surprised into silence for a moment, but had soon recovered to celebrate the news in her own way - by taking her bat... more
      • ...and I'll join you in that Beating!Patrick DiCaprio, Wed Feb 16 21:35
        Patrick flew over after trying out for Chaser. He have a specific role he desperately wanted to be. He had trained and played in both roles, so he was fairly good at them. Plus, he was a little too... more
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