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Yep, awesome. Now buzz off. Thanks :D
Wed Feb 16, 2011 07:07

It was somehow surprising sometimes when Elly's friends didn't know who Saul was. Most of her friends knew Saul, and those who didn't had usually heard Elly mention him when she talked about Quidditch or the Oregon Trail she'd part-completed, or the pranks she'd executed in her high school days, or what she did over the summer. "Yeah," Elly replied, grinning, "Saul Pierce. I hang out with the California Pierces a lot over the summer." She couldn't resist teasing Hector like that - if she hung out with Muggles he would have to accept it, because he knew that Elly was Muggleborn. If she was going to spend time with other wizards, however, Hector was obviously under the impression that he and his type were the only sort worth spending time with. He'd never said as much out loud - he was too subtle, and gentlemanly enough to not talk about blood status when Elly was around (not that it bothered her in the slightest, but it was just good manners, and that was something Hector had in abundance) - but she could tell in his allusions. Plus Mia was somewhat more blunt in her conversation, and while she apparently had no qualms in being friends with Elly and working with her on potions assignments, obviously didn't take a great deal of pleasure in associating with anyone who wasn't a pureblood like her in her periods of leisure. Therefore, the fact that Elly spent time with the California Pierces - renowned for being blood mongrels at best and professional thieves at worst - could only rub Hector's feathers the wrong way. It was funny to Elly that people let ridiculous factors like family name and blood status get in the way of friendships. Ridiculous, really.

Hector's explanation of his summer matched up to what Elly had expected, and she smiled to herself. She wouldn't trade her life for his any day. Yes, she had to work hard to afford to live, yes her mother didn't really like to see her, and yes she was too skinny to look nice in a ball gown anyway, but Elly usually loved every second of her life, and wouldn't change it for anything. "Sounds nice," she replied, just as Hector looked like he was leaving. Hovering her broomstick horizontal ready to mount it, Elly was pleased in a way that hector decided to go so she could make up her practise time. She could always catch up wioth him another time. "A genuine pleasure," she replied with a chuckle. "See you later, Hector."

As her friend made his way off the pitch, Elly swung her leg over the broomstick and flexed her hands on its handle. Bouncing a couple of times on her ankle to feel her own weight on it, she steadied herself on the ground - she wasn't going to slip this time - and kicked off successfully. her ankle twinged but only a very small amount, and while she was up in the air it settled itself sufficiently that the redhead idn't notice it as she worked hard on her Seeking skills. If she had it her way there was no chance they would be losing a game this season.

  • We agree to agree. Awesome,Hector, Tue Feb 15 22:06
    As a way of cooling off after his exercise routine, Hector began stretching before actually leaving the Pitch. His hazel eyes were subtly looking Elly over. He couldn’t help it, he really appreciated ... more
    • Yep, awesome. Now buzz off. Thanks :D — Elly, Wed Feb 16 07:07
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