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Liana Chapman
Stoked and ready to do some Beating!
Wed Feb 16, 2011 07:57

When she heard that there would be Quidditch try-outs again this year, she'd been surprised into silence for a moment, but had soon recovered to celebrate the news in her own way - by taking her bat out and getting even more practice in. To her, Quidditch at Sapienti had seemed to end with Bradford, and yet apparently they did have another coach lined up to fill his shoes. It was such a wonderful surprise, and the timing was just perfect. She couldn't believe it.

Now standing around an older man she assumed was their new coach, Lee ran her gaze through the other students that were gathered around. There were certainly a lot of new freshmen hanging around campus this year; she was really hoping she'd still be able to make the team again. As she stood there, she certainly looked to be fairly casual, in simple jeans and a Whitechapel band tee with her gloves in one hand and the other wrapped loosely around her broom as the long handle rested against her shoulder. In reality, she was anything but casual. Every sense was on the alert; seeing the expressions on people's faces, feeling the dirt packed looser than usual underfoot, hearing with mild relief the obvious lack of wind. She hadn't minded playing in rough weather but the tiny Italian girl definitely agreed that it'd be a nice change to not have to worry about getting blown off her broom.

The older man blew his whistle and, sure enough, introduced himself as their coach. Lee listened carefully to each people around her as they introduced themselves, straightening up when it was her turn and giving Green a little nod of greeting as she spoke. "Hey. I'm Liana Chapman. Beater. I played for SUM in my freshman year; I'm a sophomore now. Prior to that, I only played Quidditch recreationally." She hoped this Green fellow wouldn't consider that to put her at a disadvantage and that he wouldn't judge her for her appearance before he'd even seen her play. She might be under five feet tall with muscle that was lean and wiry instead of being more muscled as was the norm for Beaters, but she figured she stood as good a chance as anyone.

Waiting until he'd blown his whistle again, she picked up one of the bats he'd pointed out and rolled it over in her hands to feel how its weight was distributed. It seemed to be fairly even all the way around and she placed it down briefly to pull her gloves on before lining up with the other Beater hopefuls on the side of the pitch. When it was her turn, she swiftly mounted her broom and shot off into the sky. There was no time to waste; not with four Chaser dummies waiting to be hit and two minutes to hit them in.

As a Bludger targeted her, she turned and sped straight towards it, holding her bat across her chest in her left hand and swerving at the last second to smack it with a backhanded hit as she passed behind it. The Bludger's momentum combined with her hit carried it straight into the back of a dummy Chaser and she promptly turned to look for the other Bludger. One down, three to go.

She took out two more Chasers in the next minute-and-a-half; the second another good solid hit to the shoulder, and the third one that clipped the dummy's ribs as it rolled to avoid it, not a direct hit but one that would throw a player off-course for sure. She was aiming to take out all four but the Bludger she hit before her time ran out passed underneath the last dummy's broom with inches to spare.

Disappointed but still moderately satisfied with her performance, she returned to the ground and went up to sit in the bleachers, untying her hair and letting it fall in loose waves around her shoulders. In case Green had been paying close attention to her, she'd made sure to show him that she could handle a bat with either hand, constantly switching between them throughout her two minutes. She'd done that last year, too, but she still wasn't entirely certain if it was a factor Bradford had been looking for, or one their new coach would care about either. Though already I've gotten stronger, she realized as she noticed that her hands and muscles were much less sore than they had been after try-outs last year. Returning her attention to the pitch, she flexed her fingers in their leather gloves absently as she watched the rest of the try-outs.

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