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Patrick DiCaprio
Wed Feb 16, 2011 18:52

Quidditch tryouts. Once he'd heard, Patrick was quick to grab his worn broom and practice all he could beforehand. He'd been the Chaser at his high school for two years and the Beater for another two, but he didn't know if that would be enough for a university team. He loved Quidditch so much he'd be devastated if he didn't make it. It was another dream of his to make it to the big leagues. Maybe get with the Boston team or something. Quidditch had been all that he and his brothers had played in the wizarding world. Soccer was his other love, but that was another story.

Patrick walked onto the pitch. It was familiar after his solitary practices, and saw some people gathered already. He looked around and saw a couple faces he knew. He joined the group and the coach began speaking about introducing themselves.

When it came to his turn, he looked around before talking in his interview-voice. "I'm Patrick DiCaprio, a first-year, and I'm trying out for Chaser and Beater. I was a Chaser for two years in high school and a Beater for the last two." Hopefully his experience would be enough.

He listened to the instructions, and then decided to try out for the Chaser position first. He mounted his broom and flew north to the charmed Keeper. He saw quaffles lying on the ground and went down to pick one up and approached the Keeper. It seemed to sense him, and so he wound up his arm and threw the Quaffle at the left hoop. It was a close shot, but the Keeper unfortunately got in the way, leaping at the quaffle.

Put out, Patrick picked up another and went a few yards back before flying in from the left. His right arm curled back and he did a faux throw to the left and hurled the quaffle to the right hoop. It scored, and he grinned happily. The third quaffle relied on his strength, and he threw the quaffle to the left hoop with the same move. He scored again.

He knew the charmed Keeper had probably learned his move by now, so he decided to try his signature move. Pat needed a lot of concentration for this one, so he focused on the Keeper as he flew in head on. He wound up his strong arm again and threw the quaffle towards the left edge of the right hoop. The Keeper lunged, but the quaffle spun suddenly and went into the left hoop. It took a lot of arm strength, and Pat's muscle felt a little strained.

With the knowledge that his move had to be perfected and that he definitely needed to start lifting more weights, he flew off to the Beater tryouts."

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    • Chasing... — Patrick DiCaprio, Wed Feb 16 18:52
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      • ...and I'll join you in that Beating!Patrick DiCaprio, Wed Feb 16 21:35
        Patrick flew over after trying out for Chaser. He have a specific role he desperately wanted to be. He had trained and played in both roles, so he was fairly good at them. Plus, he was a little too... more
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