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Patrick DiCaprio
...and I'll join you in that Beating!
Wed Feb 16, 2011 21:35

Patrick flew over after trying out for Chaser. He have a specific role he desperately wanted to be. He had trained and played in both roles, so he was fairly good at them. Plus, he was a little too tall to be the Seeker, and he knew Elly was made for it anyway. Keeping wasn't really his thing either; he liked being in the action than waiting for it.

Patrick landed on the ground with the other beaters and watched the girl he'd met his first day--Liana, right?--go out and hit the dummies. She was pretty good. Thankfully, there was room for both of them on the team. He picked up one of the bats the coach had told them to pick up, and practiced holding it and swinging it around, making sure there wasn't anyone on the ground to be in danger of his swings. He got a feel for the bat, then got back into the group of beaters.

It was Pat's turn, and when Liana landed, he shot her a grin in recognition, and then went up into the air. There were four charmed Chasers to hit. The time started, and bludgers started flying around. Singling out one Chaser and bludger, he flew a little faster than the bludger, waiting for the Chaser to come close enough to hit. He hit the bludger hard, but as it went flying, the Chaser dodged it, and Patrick quickly hit a second one that knocked the Chaser in the bicep and nearly off its broom. Ouch.

Pat had no time to waste, so he hit another one at another charmed Chaser as it came flying around. He hit it with his bat, and though the Chaser once again tried to dodge it, he had hit it at an angle, forseeing the Chaser's movement, and hit it directly on the shoulder.

Time was running out, so Patrick quickly hit another downwards towards a charmed Chaser that was flying at a fast pace. The bludger hit the Chaser squarely in between the shoulder blades, and then his time ended. He flew back down the ground, feeling his palm burn. He threw the bat over to the pile of used ones, then flexed his palm.

Because he was unable to afford gloves, the calluses on his right palm had split open. He hadn't been a Beater for awhile. It was painful to open and close his hand, so he kept it slightly open. Once tryouts were finished, he'd go to the hospital wing.

  • Stoked and ready to do some Beating!Liana Chapman, Wed Feb 16 07:57
    When she heard that there would be Quidditch try-outs again this year, she'd been surprised into silence for a moment, but had soon recovered to celebrate the news in her own way - by taking her bat... more
    • ...and I'll join you in that Beating! — Patrick DiCaprio, Wed Feb 16 21:35
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