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Hector Edwards
....your dreams away
Mon Feb 21, 2011 19:04

Quidditch was something he was amazing at, Hector could do wonders with his hands, and that was just a very specific way of speech. He literally could do it, and he hadn’t had any one say otherwise. In Hector’s opinion, he could very well have Midas hands, in a sort of way. It was a good thought. At the start of the term, it seemed that Quidditch would not happen, and that had slightly angered him, until he came up with the idea of taking charge of everything. Thankfully, a new Coach was in place, and his second favorite sport ever would take place (girls was his first one). It was brilliant. Another way to prove to everyone at the school how awesome he was.

The day of the try-outs finally came, and he was more than ready to dazzle the new coach. For this joyous occasion, he went for a more comfortable look, jeans and white long-sleeve polo. There was no need to be dressed in more formal clothing. He entered the Pitch and walked towards the assembled students. He recognized some of them, either by playing with them last year or he had seen them around campus. Hector wasn’t nervous; he knew he was an asset to the team.

The blonde arched an eyebrow at the figure that seemed to be the new coach. He knew of him and the scandal that had ended up in his early retirement from the League. His father had told him, he smiled because she also knew about his reputation as an awesome Beater. This change of coaches would surely be for the better. Simon Green was a legend. Hector impatiently listened to people introduce themselves, his foot moving out of boredom. When it was finally his turn, he spoke up in his flawless English accent, “Hector Edwards, sophomore, I am a Chaser and I have been playing the position since I can remember. Was the Captain for the Slytherin team for a few years, and was drafted for the English national team.” He had not taken the position because even when he loved Quidditch, he did not want to play it professionally. He crossed his arms and waited for the rest of the assembled people to finish with their introductions.

Patrick was the first one, and when he finished, he adjusted his Chaser gloves, hoped on his broom, and he was ready to go. With the Quaffle under his left arm, he zoomed towards the goal. Out of the corner of his hazel eyes, he was looking out for the Bludgers. He began flying, rapidly zigzagging avoiding the metal balls, and trying to confuse the Keeper. He threw the Quaffle to the left-hoop. Score! Hector rapidly caught the Quaffle and charged again. He made a sudden stop in front of the Keeper, and fooled him changing the direction, instead of throwing it towards the right hoop, the Quaffle easily passed the center hoop. Score two. This was going well. The dummy was moving faster, the blonde assumed that the level of difficulty would get higher. Good. His body was parallel to his broom, he flew straight-forward, and once again threw the Quaffle to the center ring, and he scored. Barely. Three out of four. The last goal had to be the hardest one. He quickly assessed the situation before charging for the last time. He threw the Quaffle one last time, and before it passed the line that delimited the Keeper’s turf, Hector used his fist to change the ball’s direction. It was rather difficult to calculate the exact place where it needed to be hit, so it would go straight to its goal…beat the Keeper. It went through. Four out of four. Excellent.

When he descended from his very successful try-out, a smug smirk grazed his handsome face. He would surely make it. He laid on the grass to watch the rest of the try-outs.

  • Chasing...Patrick DiCaprio, Wed Feb 16 18:52
    Quidditch tryouts. Once he'd heard, Patrick was quick to grab his worn broom and practice all he could beforehand. He'd been the Chaser at his high school for two years and the Beater for another... more
    • ....your dreams away — Hector Edwards, Mon Feb 21 19:04
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