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Hyana Kamiya
Keeping my spot...and the bad puns
Tue Feb 22, 2011 18:09

There were a few things that Hyana could always count on. One, she could always fall asleep reading a good book. Two, her alarm would always go off when it was supposed to. Three, her calendar was organized meticulously so she knew what day it was, what she had to do, and when she had to do it. Finally, four: Hyana would always be ready to play Quidditch.

Slipping out of bed, Hyana quickly showered and dried her hair, following her normal morning routine. It had been quite a scare at the feast when it looked like they wouldn’t have a coach this year, and that would have meant Quidditch might not have happened. Hyana needed Quidditch. A lot of her life at school was work, work, and more work. Schoolwork, a work study (which she just got changed to a Healing focused job), and she was looking for jobs in New Oslo. There were a couple of times when she considered applying for jobs at Club Chill, but she didn’t know if that had to be through the college or something else.

Hyana, after it was dry, pulled her long, raven black hair up into a ponytail and used a spell to make sure it stayed there. Though she didn’t do it as often as before, she tended to hide behind her hair when she was nervous. That really wasn’t a good trait to have in a Keeper; they needed to be able to see. Deciding what to wear was important for making a first impression, but Hyana found that she’d much rather be comfortable and happy than looking especially Quidditch-like for the try out. So, she pulled out a camisole undershirt and wore one of her Muggle boyfriend’s flannel shirts over that. It was one of her favorites. It was big on her, so when she wore it she could sometimes imagine that she was in his arms.

It also smelled like him.

She pulled on jeans, put on some sneakers, and grabbed her Keeping gloves and broom before leaving the trailer. She found some quick breakfast at Alimento before running off to the Pitch. That was another thing she could always count on. She was reliably on time, most days.

“Hey,” she greeted Elly when she arrived, falling easily into the routine of stretching. Yes, this is something Hyana really loved. A routine in her life, something fun. Quidditch was that for the girl. She was pretty excited.

And what luck was it that their new Coach was Simon Green? Amazing luck.

“I’m Hyana Kamiya,” she introduced herself, glad to be getting better and better at this public speaking thing. At the very least, it helped that she knew most of the people here, and she had gotten comfortable with them enough to not let any of them, not even Hector Edwards, completely intimidate her. “I’m a sophomore and was Keeper last season. Before that, I was Keeper at Sonora Academy, and I was Keeper at Rocky Mountain International every year the sport was offered at the school.” She hadn’t been named assistant or captain at either school, but Hyana was pretty sure that was a good thing. She didn’t see herself as a leader type. Even if she was, she didn’t have the most commanding presence in the world, so she doubted anyone would have listened to her. That didn’t stop her from being good at what she did, though.

She mounted her broom, her wonderful and trustworthy Nimbus 2008, and pushed off of the ground, easily flying over to the South side of the Pitch. She had taken Grace for her first time flying over the summer, after both of them were out of the hospital and done being injured and stuff. Her younger sister was almost old enough to go to school. The younger sister was nine years old now, and Hyana had been assured by Brian, their stepfather, that she’d be attending Rocky Mountain International. Hyana was excited for her younger sister and wanted to introduce her to as much as she could before the girl went to school. Grace was halfblood while Hyana was Muggleborn, but the younger girl’s upbringing had been mostly Muggle and still was, seeing that she now had a bunch of older brothers (in spirit) that she wanted to spend all her time with. Taking Grace flying was fun, if not slightly nerve-wracking at times. Grace had said to take Keegan and/or Brett next time. She’d have to think about it.

Anyway, Hyana was the first to go up against the fake Chasers. This was slightly familiar, since this was what had happened last year. The sophomore was a little more confident about her abilities now. If she could make it on the team as a freshman, she could make it on the team as an upperclassman.

The first one tried a straight on shot, what Hyana thought of as both the simplest and the hardest to block. Simple if you expected it, difficult if a player who had been using difficult plays decided to change up their style. She caught the Quaffle easily and threw it back at the line of chasers. The third one in line caught it, and it didn’t pause before diving towards the ground and pulling back up, as if trying to surprise her from below. This might have worked during a real game, since there would be plenty more action to worry about, but she knocked the Quaffle away with the tail end of her broom, back to the line of Chasers.

The second one in line caught it and tried a fake out. Hyana caught this one easily, just because she was familiar with the move. Katrina Embers had especially loved moves like that, and they had been on the Cetus team together. Come to think of it, she thought with almost a feeling of relief as she tossed the Quaffle to the last Chaser, Why isn’t she here?

If Katrina stayed away from the Pitch, Hyana wouldn’t complain.

The fourth one came when she was preoccupied with her thoughts, and Hyana barely had time to process before she flew. She didn’t exactly catch the Quaffle; her stomach just stopped the force of the throw. She coughed, slightly winded, but looked around for the next person trying out for Keeper.

“Here you go,” she said with a grin, tossing it lightly to them. “Good luck!” She flew back to the ground to watch the rest of the players try out. Maybe she and Elly could get something to eat for lunch. If everything worked out, this was going to be a great year.

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