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Calix Panos
Beating around the issues... don't think I got them all
Fri Feb 25, 2011 14:08

Calix stood silently as Simon Green spoke, his hands gripping his beater's bat, tightening and loosening until the introductions had begun. Last year he had not made it onto the team. He had held that grudge for awhile, mostly because it had been so unexpected. He had performed flawlessly, had caught every Quaffle and had chased ever Bludger. Bradford hadn't chosen him, and big surprise, SUM had lost last year. Hazel eyes gazed steadily at Coach Green; various images of the man playing years before flitted through his mind. He remembered he had been a Beater, an excellent Beater. 'If he doesn't think I'm good enough...' He stiffened at the thought, aware of his turn to introduce himself coming up. 'But I know that I'm good enough. More so.'

"Calix Panos." He spoke, raising his chin and gazing directly at Simon Green. "Sophomore. In my old school, Andros Prep, I played Keeper for my team since my third year and also acted as Reserve Beater." He nodded once and then the introductions continued. He had always preferred Beater over Keeper, but Craig and Forester had been Beaters since their second year and held onto the positions, plus the captain never really wanted him to stop being Keeper, he was too good at it.

He listened carefully for the instructions to begin.“Beaters, you will try and hit the Chaser dummies with the Bludgers. You have two minutes to hit them as much and hard as you can and want. Use one of the bats I am providing.” Calix paused, then jogged toward the stands dropping his beater bat on a bench and laid his keeper gloves beside it. He went back and picked up one of the designated bats. "All right," he muttered to himself. "Here we go."

He watched Liana take the sky, but turned his head away, not wanting to watch. He bit his lip, staring at the ground and awaited his turn. Another guy went up. Calix swung the unfamiliar bat in the air, warming up. "You can do this. It's so easy. You can do this." It was time. He took his broom in hand, gripped it hard, swung his legs over, bent his knees, and pushed off, rising quickly through the air. 'Two minutes...'

Gritting his teeth, Calix bent his head and leaned forward, shooting off for the nearest bludger, keeping sight of one of the dummy chasers and imagined someone he hated in place of them. "Hah!"


He grinned as he swung, the bat connected with a solid whack at hard bound ball, watching it drop in height until it greeted its intended chaser with a nice big SMACK in the face. "Like that, Sebastian?" He imagined his father falling from his broom. A stray auburn hair fell past the headband Calix was using to keep his long shoulder length hair in check. He impatiently brushed it out of the way and continued on.

The successive CRACKS echoing throughout the stadium, the sound pops, the whip whip whip of his broom as he curved around bludgers, hung upside down, and hit them up to his target's stomachs... he was in paradise. "Here you go, Andreas." He imagined his most hated brother doubling over in pain while the actual dummy took a curved bludger pummeling into its stomach. 'One more minute...'

He didn't feel the pressure, he just continued on. He kept himself parallel to the broom, beater's bat always raised, a grin stretched across his face because he knew he was playing brilliantly. He was possessed with a fervor. 'Hit! Hit! Hit!' CRACK. A chaser ducked as his bludger zipped directly above his head. SMASH. Calix turned away, satisfied with the clever backspin he had put on the ball, allowing it to head right back to the chaser's head. CRACK. A chaser got clipped on the shoulder. 'Thirty seconds...'

Calix began to breathe heavily, his next Bludger missing its target. There was another dummy closer to him, but he ignored it, chasing after his failed one. He chased another bludger and beat it above, flew up to meet it, and then slammed it down again until it barelled into the dummy chaser's back. "Hah!"

'Eleven seconds...'

He looked around, frantic for something else to hit.

'Nine seconds...'

He dipped the nose of his broom and urged himself into a dive, raising his arm unsteadily.

'Six seconds...'

"Oomph!" He swung up, his bludger going into a zig zag pattern, confusing two dummies, eventually grazing one across its rib cage. Calix breathed, continuing his descent towards the ground.

'Three... two... one.'

He touched the ground, stumbling off until he found his footing. He looked around for Simon Green, breathing heavily, only now feeling the throbbing in his overworked arm, and still he planned to try out for Keeper. 'Wasn't I good?' He asked the coach, silently. 'Better than that, even? Better than the rest?' No answer, of course. He turned around, dropping the bat on the ground near the pile, and headed toward where he had placed his keeper gloves. He'd know sooner or later how the coach thought he'd did.

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