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Calix Panos
Keeping and continuing some of those issues.
Fri Feb 25, 2011 14:33

After he'd worked his arm a bit, flexing and stretching, Calix pulled on his Keeper gloves, now experimentally flexing his fingers before cracking them with a satisfying pop. "That feels good..." He turned around, snapping his fingers at his broom which jumped into his hands, and slid on, kicking off again until he rose into the air, level with the hoops. There was much less determination and (he hated to admit it) desperation flooding his hazel eyes now that he was only trying out for Keeper. Only a sort of lazy arrogance and confidence while he settled himself between the middle and left (his left) goal hoops. He had been playing Keeper for a very long time. It was easy and boring - 'And apparently not good enough for Bradford.' He really truly hated himself when he got like this. He never liked to consider himself a sore loser, but last year's seemingly impossible results pissed him off beyond belief. He knew he was good. 'Now it's time to prove it.'

It was perfect weather conditions, though the sun was now in Calix' eyes. Advantage chasers. He squinted, ducking his head down just slightly so he could see the dummies better. "Alright, here comes sucker one..." The first chaser approached, making an exaggerated feint to his left and then threw it at Calix' right. He stretched his arm out, catching the Quaffle easily in the palm of his hand.

The next one flew low, Quaffle tucked loosely in its arm. Calix hovered patiently, keeping his gaze steady. The chaser suddenly jumped in height, tossed the Quaffle up then took its broom and hit the red leather bound ball with the tail end of its broom. Calix grinned, rolled over in mid air, and blocked the shot to the left goal hoop with his chest before grabbing it firmly against him. "Nice!" He waited for the third chaser.

Again this one flew low, but swerved suddenly, rising in the air until Calix was forced to look at the dummy chaser who was flying with the sun directly behind it. Anticipating what the next clever move would be, Calix watched the movements. 'It's slightly favoring the left...' He closed his eyes just as the chaser swerved again, seemingly heading towards Calix' right, the sun beaming onto his face. Calix stayed where he was, muscles tense but still sure of himself, waiting for - there it was! Whistling through the air. He kicked a leg out and felt his shin connect with something hard. He laughed and opened his eyes, pleased he had not fallen for the tricky faint. So far he was batting a thousand.

He looked around, was Simon Green watching? 'Doesn't matter, really. Beating is all I care about. This is just for...' He internally sighed while the fourth chaser approached. There was no fooling himself. He was trying out because he was afraid. Afraid he wouldn't get picked as Beater again. 'Pathetic.' The chaser flew high, Calix felt impatient. "Hah!" He leaned back, kicking his feet at the middle goal hoops, and flew directly at the chaser. The chaser ducked and pivoted his broom around him. Calix, gripping his broom tightly with his knees, let his arms go and fell backwards, pulling the broom with him, until spiraling down, he grabbed the dropped Quaffle just inches before it fell through the middle goal hoop. "Ye - es!" He pumped his arm, slamming the Quaffle down through the air, righting himself up in the air. He'd gotten every Quaffle, he'd tried his best. He stared directly into the sun as long as he could before the tears began to build up against his eyes. He bent his head and lowered himself to the ground. 'Nothing more to it.' He'd done the best he could do. Now, he'd have to wait to see if it was the best.

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    • Keeping and continuing some of those issues. — Calix Panos, Fri Feb 25 14:33
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