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Gabriel Errant
Viva l'Errant!
Fri Feb 25, 2011 17:04

Gabriel jogged out onto the pitch, self-made Elm broom balanced on his shoulder, and a wide smile on his face. Quidditch was still happening, nothing was cancelled! He joined the group gathered around Simon Green (Gabriel could still remember going to games as a kid and seeing him play) and smiled at the rest of the familiar players. He didn't know why, but he just felt like it was going to be an awesome season this year. 'Maybe having an ex-professional player coaching us has a bit to do with that.' He thought with delight. They were all sure to get even better this year.

"Hola, I'm Gabriel Errant." He introduced himself, beaming at Coach Green. "I was a reserve chaser in my freshman year, and a Chaser on the team last year. Hope to be one again Junior year." He thought for a moment. "Oh, and I also head the Broom Racing Club. Its meetings are scheduled to not interfere with Quidditch practices," he added, looking around the group. "So anyone who wants to join, feel free." He took out his head band and put it on, keeping his dark curls out of his face while the rest introduced themselves. It occurred to him suddenly that he and Elly (at least for the time being of those introducing themselves) were the oldest members of the team. He idly wondered if Lucy or Darla were again going to try for captain that year. He still felt bad about Darla being usurped, but Lucy had been more effective in bringing the team together.

Simon Green gave out the instructions, and Gabriel lined up behind Patrick, Hector and a few others. He did a few stretches while awaiting his turn, enjoying the feel of the sun through his red sweatpants and thin white t-shirt. He had to admit, he did think that all returning players should have their old positions back since the team all knew each other and how each other played. That was how it was on his old team, all the reserves of last year replaced those who left, and new blood became the new reserves. It just made try-outs less anxious for people. Gabriel looked around, noting those who he wanted to play with again. Elly was an awesome Seeker, Liana a great beater, Calix had been a reserve last year but Gabriel privately thought it was unfair of him to have been passed over but Lucy was an awesome beater as well. Mia and Hector worked well together and Hyana was a good keeper. Gabriel looked over at Patrick now, wondering which role he would be cast in to play. At the moment, he seemed a decent chaser.

"My turn, now." Gabriel mounted his broom and pushed off, smiling wide at the welcoming rush of air. "And here... we... go!" He laughed, holding the Quaffle tight in his arms, his hold loosening as he approached the charmed Keeper. He leaned forward, parallel to the broom, and shot off towards the right goal hoop, watched the Keeper inch toward him, then dipped his broom handle and dropped in height, tossing the Quaffle into the middle goal hoop, right under the Keeper's broom. "Score!" He grinned and raced to grab the Quaffle.

Now wanting to try a move he hadn't really taken the opportunity to do since High School, Gabriel flew higher, circling around the Keeper's head. "Caw! Caw!" He laughed, alone in the skies, before diving, twisting his broom around so that he was effectively blocking the keeper and simply tossed the quaffle lightly into the right goal hoop. "Too easy." The Keeper hadn't even given much of a fight. He sped up to the fallen Quaffle, bumping it up in the air with his fist. "Already, then..." He was so energetic today, he couldn't stop talking.

Passing the Quaffle from one hand to the next, he again flew level to the keeper. A quick feint, left and right, then he threw hard to the middle hoop just as the keeper was changing directions. His whole arm was behind his throw, his body leaning forward on his broom, and it paid off. It went like a bullet, continuing its straight path long after sailing through the hoop.

"Last one..." Gabriel gathered the Quaffle back up again and took a pause in his scoring. The air felt nice, the darkly tanned skin soaked up the sun, and Simon Green was down there watching. "Awesome, awesome, awesome." He hurtled toward the Keeper, tossing the Quaffle into the air. "Viva l'Errant!" He cheered to himself, celebrating his victory before it even happened.


The tail end of his broom twisted at his insistence, hitting the Quaffle; the Quaffle curved into the left goal hoop, hitting the rim; the Keeper charged for the ball tipping precariously on the edge; Gabriel watched in fascination as the Quaffle fell through, granting him a perfect score of the Try-Outs. "Yessss!" He saluted the dummy Keeper and made his way back onto the pitch, knowing that he had given his best performance.

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