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Gabriel Errant
BROOM RACING CLUB - you know you've been waiting for it
Fri Feb 25, 2011 19:14

Gabriel lay spread out on his back, staring at the one cloud occupying the perfect blue of the sky. The radio by his head had been stuck on commercials (he was now seriously contemplating if he should stick with his same elf provider) but now finally turned onto a song. He grinned as the sounds floated along the stadium, perhaps leading those who hadn't actually planned on coming to the club to come. He brought his arms underneath his head and brought his legs to rise, rocking himself back until he was in a head stand, and then his arms straightened up underneath him as he held a hand stand.

You cast your spell
But I don't care
You can lead me anywhere
Feel this heart beneath this crest
It beats for you, life is death
Without you, you, you

He slowly brought one hand in front of the other, bored after waiting for five minutes for people to show up. He still had the same three familiar courses of last year set up (Stone Hedge, Bludger, and Cloud) but had added two more new ones he was excited to test out with hopefully a whole group of people. There was a Bucking Broom race he was eager to test out with people.

You snuck me a potion, baby
Burnt my insides, drove me crazy
Yeah, you, you're wacko like a ghoul gone mad
lady, you, you're sicker than a beater batting at my head
feel myself dead, but it don't matter 'cause I love you, baby

The Fish-Out-Of-Water or the Flying Fish (he couldn't decide on which name) involved fliers circling around the moat he had built running around the length of the track. At odd intervals a fish (of various species) would jump out at a flier. Every hit a flier failed to doge would not only engross them with a smell of rotting fish (only smelled by the actual person being hit and lasted only thirty seconds) but reduced the speed of the broom at small amounts. Gabriel continued his hand stand walk around as another song came on the radio.

Shifty eyes, dark at night, feel you creeping up on me
Dare I fly, into skies, where no purpose calls for me
Tossing and turning, in disguise, now I ask, can you recognize me?

"Ugh!" Gabriel allowed himself to crumble to the ground, going into a roll until he stopped at the radio and switched the station. He hated that stupid song. He found a spanish station and stayed on that one, singing the chorus and then looking up when he saw someone approaching. "Hola!" He cupped his hands around his mouth and called out. "You here for the racing, or the music?"

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