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Gabriel Errant
Practice makes perfect... but we already are!
Sun Mar 6, 2011 15:48

His fist bumped the alarm clock before the loud obnoxious DING DING DING could actually wake him up. Then Tempest started rattling in his cage, hooting out of frustration to be let out like Gabriel had promised. "Five more minutes..." He mumbled, turning in his bed and snuggling deeper into his pillow." The sweet dreams came over him again and he was very nearly completely under...


"Damn!" He shot up in bed and grabbed the alarm clock, throwing it across the room in irritation. Tempest hooted again, already narrowed eyes glaring at him. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, how do you think I feel?" He snapped at him. He reached over for his wand and sprang the cage open, watching his owl cluck, bend his knees, spread his onyx wings, and fly out the window. Gabriel laid his head down on his pillow again. He creased his brow slightly, feeling something odd over his forehead. Reaching a hand up, he peeled off the post-it note he had given himself.


"Damn." He muttered again, crumpling the note and throwing it off to the side. He'd had a lousy day, his mother's family calling on him, and he had choked on a date. He never choked on dates. This stupid thing with Arlette was ruining him. Not to mention, he had spent part of the night sketching what he thought his son's face might look like. And now he had Quidditch practice to go to. He got up, he got dressed, and he stepped out of the apartment he kept off campus, apparating to Sapienti and jogging onto the pitch, elm wood broom balancing over his shoulder. "Hola. Hola." He greeted as the rest of the team came together. He kept a tired sort of smile on his face.

He listened as Elly spoke, happy for her being made captain. Despite the not so great mood he was in, he was actually pleased with the team they had acquired. Though Mia was an excellent chaser, he was sure Patrick would be great too. Elly and Hyana were awesome at what they did, but his only concern was Liana and Calix. Lucy had been a great beater and while Calix seemed really good as well, he didn't exactly come off as a team player. Then again, neither did Hector which was odd because being a chaser meant the most team effort in Quidditch. 'Eh, what do I know?' He pushed the analytical thoughts out of his mind and caught the Quaffle Elly threw to him. He wasn't sure what exactly was expected of him as Assistant Captain, but he figured he'd just make his full support for Elly known and would help out with whatever she needed.

"All right, game on." He tucked the quaffle under his arm and swung his legs over his broom. Though they were far from being friends Gabriel thought he and Hector worked well enough together after having been on the team last year. He was interested now to see how Patrick did. He bent his knees, and kicked off the ground, rising steadily into the air and turned slightly to see Hector and Patrick.

"Patrick, Hector and I will speed towards Hyana. I pass to Hector, and he gives a drop pass to you so make sure you get into position. In-game, the signal is this," He held up three fingers. "Got it? Then you make the shot." He nodded at Patrick and then turned to see if Hyana was at the goals.

Once they were all ready, he leant forward onto his broom, and shot off, loosening his hold on the quaffle. As they neared Hyana, he sped further a little more and sent an over the shoulder pass to Hector. He turned slightly to momentarily block Hyana's view, waiting for Hector to pass to Patrick.

  • Quidditch Practise!Elly Eriksson, Sun Mar 6 14:01
    The sort of squeaking sound that Elly had made having discovered she'd been named Quidditch captain was really not appropriate for her age. A six year old might just about have been able to get away... more
    • Let's get this started! (Calix)Liana Chapman, Mon Mar 7 00:14
      The day of their first Quidditch practice, Liana had woken up before sunrise, too excited to sleep. A part of her still couldn't really believe that she had made the team again this year. Soon... more
      • Seeking a hit, and hitting a seeker.Calix Panos, Wed Mar 9 14:16
        It wasn't so much that the brothers were on good terms but rather they had finally found a use for each other. Calix drained the last vestiges of the power potion, feeling himself relax, and the... more
        • She nodded in agreement, somehow unsurprised by his reply but still relieved. While plans were always a good idea, they were, in her experience, never followed. It was just a fact of life. Planning... more
          • Done. Now can we go after the seeker?Calix, Tue Mar 15 18:36
            His eyes stayed focused on the bludger speeding away from him, but he couldn't help the small grin as Liana flew over him, and a ridiculous image of rainbow flashed across his mind. She was at a... more
            • Go ahead, I'm right hereElly, Wed Mar 16 16:45
              Everyone was taking to the skies for their first team practise together. Admittedly most of the team had worked together before, but this was their first practise with this particular line-up. Elly... more
              • Seeking a beating, apparently.Liana, Fri Mar 18 19:14
                Quidditch games were always so loud and crazy in comparison to team practices. It honestly felt a bit weird for her to look at Calix, see he was talking, and actually be able to hear him as well. She ... more
                • I'd like to oblige.Calix, Sun Mar 20 14:49
                  As he'd predicted, Elly ducked the bludger and the ball continued to head toward Liana. He raised an auburn brow when she decided to drop on top of the bludger while hitting it. She obviously hadn't... more
                  • Oblige away!Liana, Mon Mar 21 07:42
                    Slowing down as she approached him, she made sure to leave Calix plenty of space as he leaned to hit the bludger. Liana grinned as she watched him knock it straight at Elly. He had really good aim,... more
                    • And now you can oblige me.Calix, Mon Mar 21 23:18
                      He watched her hit the bludger back towards Elly, approving of her method even if it hadn't hit. Funny how each of them could use their own vastly different heights to their advantage. He leaned... more
    • Practice makes perfect... but we already are! — Gabriel Errant, Sun Mar 6 15:48
      • I am perfectHector, Wed Mar 9 22:57
        It was time for Quidditch practice, and the blonde was excited about it. Everything to do with his favorite sport excited him, especially since the Coach was a well-known Quidditch player. He... more
        • Pat didn't know what he thought of a drop pass, since he'd been one of the Chasers back in high school that swooped in and grabbed it mid-pass (it was rather an open shot), but he caught it anyway... more
          • Yes, it was.Hyana Kamiya, Mon Mar 14 13:25
            Hyana was extremely excited for Quidditch practices from now on. Honestly, she just felt better about it than she did last year. Elly was going to be captain, and she thought her friend was great for ... more
            • Gabriel stuck his tongue out at Hyana, grinning as he sped forward to catch her pass. "Sheer luck." He teased, bumping the ball in his hand and spinning it on his index finger, the Quaffle wobbling a ... more
              • Then don't make themHector, Fri Mar 18 16:58
                OOC: I took the liberty to god-mod (SORRY! SORRY!) but itís to make the thread go faster. Gabriel wanted Hector to take the shot. Sorry again. Hector was hovering on his broom watching the scene... more
                • Good idea. Now the question is: how?Pat, Sat Mar 19 20:43
                  OOC: Actually, he wanted to have Patrick make the shot with his "powerful arm," but it's all good! Pat was disappointed that his shot hadn't made it, really disappointed, actually, but he'd try and... more
    • Count me first in line!Patrick DiCaprio, Sun Mar 6 15:43
      Patrick was stoked that he had made it on the Quidditch team in his first year, as a Chaser no less. Sending an owl home to his parents telling them this would make them, and his brothers, proud. If... more
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