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Done. Now can we go after the seeker?
Tue Mar 15, 2011 18:36

His eyes stayed focused on the bludger speeding away from him, but he couldn't help the small grin as Liana flew over him, and a ridiculous image of rainbow flashed across his mind. She was at a slight angle in front of him, giving him access to the bludger, and as he lifted his arm, bat erected in the air, he motioned her away. "Get in front of Elly. I hit to you, you hit it to her." He leaned down and dove after the bludger having seen it suddenly take a low dive. It came up back again, just as Calix was rushing down towards it, and he twisted himself in mid-air, arm extended and a hard WHACK succeeded it, the bludger barreling with a direct force towards Elly. Since she wasn't distracted by searching for a snitch, and knew she was their only target, both he and Liana were at a disadvantage which was why tactics were now more important than mere force on both their ends.

He watched his bludger head for the back of Elly's head, expecting her to duck so that Liana, whom he hoped followed his instructions, could be somewhere in front of her and hit the bludger right back into Elly. He still didn't much approve of her being Captain, but it was a smart tactic to get the beaters working together. 'Green probably suggested it.' It was going to take a lot of practice for him to act like that kind of beater though. In Andros Prep, the beaters pretty much just worked on their own, each comparing how many hits they got relative to each other. They were driven by competition, not so much team work. 'This is... different.'

What was also different was liking one of his fellow teammates. He kept his bat up, alert for more bludgers and the rest of the play. He had never liked girls like Liana before. With all the classes he was taking, studying, and that deflation of ego when he had went to Compia just to see she had plans had stalled him letting her know when the date would actually be. He flexed his fingers around the bat. 'Maybe after this...'

  • She nodded in agreement, somehow unsurprised by his reply but still relieved. While plans were always a good idea, they were, in her experience, never followed. It was just a fact of life. Planning... more
    • Done. Now can we go after the seeker? — Calix, Tue Mar 15 18:36
      • Go ahead, I'm right hereElly, Wed Mar 16 16:45
        Everyone was taking to the skies for their first team practise together. Admittedly most of the team had worked together before, but this was their first practise with this particular line-up. Elly... more
        • Seeking a beating, apparently.Liana, Fri Mar 18 19:14
          Quidditch games were always so loud and crazy in comparison to team practices. It honestly felt a bit weird for her to look at Calix, see he was talking, and actually be able to hear him as well. She ... more
          • I'd like to oblige.Calix, Sun Mar 20 14:49
            As he'd predicted, Elly ducked the bludger and the ball continued to head toward Liana. He raised an auburn brow when she decided to drop on top of the bludger while hitting it. She obviously hadn't... more
            • Oblige away!Liana, Mon Mar 21 07:42
              Slowing down as she approached him, she made sure to leave Calix plenty of space as he leaned to hit the bludger. Liana grinned as she watched him knock it straight at Elly. He had really good aim,... more
              • And now you can oblige me.Calix, Mon Mar 21 23:18
                He watched her hit the bludger back towards Elly, approving of her method even if it hadn't hit. Funny how each of them could use their own vastly different heights to their advantage. He leaned... more
                • I'd hardly consider that an obligation.Liana, Thu Mar 24 22:25
                  Her smile widened slightly at his reply, she hadnít been expecting it and it was almost a bit of a relief to know he hadnít forgotten. She was about to answer him but the conflicting emotions that... more
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