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i hate redundancies i hate redundancies i hate redundancies
Wed Mar 16, 2011 17:52

Gabriel stuck his tongue out at Hyana, grinning as he sped forward to catch her pass. "Sheer luck." He teased, bumping the ball in his hand and spinning it on his index finger, the Quaffle wobbling a little as he kept on preventing it from rolling off. "And you're just about to run out of it." He winked and turned back to Hector and Patrick, making a smooth stop in front of them. The tension and fatigue he had felt when walking onto the pitch had dissipated and he was beginning to feel his own playful self beginning to emerge. The was something so freeing about Quidditch, he was always able to leave his problems behind, delaying the inevitable return back to them and the ground.

He laughed at the salute but shook his head at Patrick. "Don't let Elly hear you say that. I'm just the assistant. And good throw by the way. We're going to go for the Marquez play." He raised his fist in the air, the signal for another play, The House. He had only realized his mistake of being so obvious with what they were doing when Hyana had made the save. He figured he'd take advantage of the mistake.

"You take the Quaffle up," he tossed it easily to Patrick. "Hector and I fly above on either side of you, one of us above and one of us below. You pass to one of us, let's say Hector. He feints to me and then passes back to you. You use that power arm of yours," Gabriel grinned again. "And then make the shot. Whichever of us is closer to the Quaffle," he indicated himself and Hector. "Tricks the keeper by kicking the ball in the other direction. Got it?"

He had made the fist so that Hyana would assume they were doing The House play which started off in the same formation up until when instead of a feint, Hector would have passed to Gabriel and then would have dropped in height, Gabriel would have feinted a shot, and then dropped it down to Hector who would have made it.

Making sure Patrick didn't have any more questions, Gabriel dropped below him so that Hector would ascend. He liked Hyana an awful lot, but he was playing around with a theory that he would talk to either Elly or herself about later. It wasn't a secret that she and Hector didn't get along. Gabriel wanted to see for himself if facing off with someone she was uncomfortable with made her shrink from the challenge or (hopefully) made her work harder.

  • Yes, it was.Hyana Kamiya, Mon Mar 14 13:25
    Hyana was extremely excited for Quidditch practices from now on. Honestly, she just felt better about it than she did last year. Elly was going to be captain, and she thought her friend was great for ... more
    • i hate redundancies i hate redundancies i hate redundancies — Gabriel, Wed Mar 16 17:52
      • Then don't make themHector, Fri Mar 18 16:58
        OOC: I took the liberty to god-mod (SORRY! SORRY!) but itís to make the thread go faster. Gabriel wanted Hector to take the shot. Sorry again. Hector was hovering on his broom watching the scene... more
        • Good idea. Now the question is: how?Pat, Sat Mar 19 20:43
          OOC: Actually, he wanted to have Patrick make the shot with his "powerful arm," but it's all good! Pat was disappointed that his shot hadn't made it, really disappointed, actually, but he'd try and... more
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