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Then don't make them
Fri Mar 18, 2011 16:58

OOC: I took the liberty to god-mod (SORRY! SORRY!) but itís to make the thread go faster. Gabriel wanted Hector to take the shot. Sorry again.

Hector was hovering on his broom watching the scene unfold in front of him. It was stupid trying to score on the Keeper, if the she knew what play they were going to use. Simple logistics, Gabriel was failing as Assistant Captain. Great. He groaned in frustration and actually thought about just hexing them into the next century, or simply getting off his broom and leaving the Pitch. There was something irksome about wasting his talents on stupid people, like Patrick and Gabriel. Maybe he should have followed Miaís example and not try-out. Playing with a bunch of talentless people was infuriating. He wanted to punch something, but in mid-air he had the option of punching one of his teammates or stew in his anger. Stewing seemed like the better option, because it didnít involve violence. Dear Merlin, his anger management coach should be proud of his progress.

The blonde flew to where Patrick and Gabriel were with a scowl on his features, his patience was already running thin, he hated when things were not handled accordingly. He glared at them and just listened to Gabriel speak. At least he somehow had caught his mistake and was rectifying it. The Englishman stayed silent during the brief explanation of the next play. It was taking all of his will-power to not hit someone right now.

He ascended as he was supposed to and did everything he had been asked to as it happened like Gabriel said it would. Hector received the Quaffle, and almost let go of it. He wasnít focused enough. Thankfully, he got a hold grip on it and flew towards Hyana, a fierce glare on his face. Hector shoot towards the right hoop, and took a sharp turn out of the way. Gabriel or Patrick were supposed to kick it in the other direction.

  • Gabriel stuck his tongue out at Hyana, grinning as he sped forward to catch her pass. "Sheer luck." He teased, bumping the ball in his hand and spinning it on his index finger, the Quaffle wobbling a ... more
    • Then don't make them — Hector, Fri Mar 18 16:58
      • Good idea. Now the question is: how?Pat, Sat Mar 19 20:43
        OOC: Actually, he wanted to have Patrick make the shot with his "powerful arm," but it's all good! Pat was disappointed that his shot hadn't made it, really disappointed, actually, but he'd try and... more
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