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Seeking a beating, apparently.
Fri Mar 18, 2011 19:14

Quidditch games were always so loud and crazy in comparison to team practices. It honestly felt a bit weird for her to look at Calix, see he was talking, and actually be able to hear him as well. She nodded once in response to his plan and bent low over her broom to speed ahead, starting to map out her own ideas at the same time. This was their first practice together, so of course they’d have to verbally figure everything out, but for an actual game they would need some way to communicate without letting the other team in on what they were going to do. Liana thought that signals and code phrases were most likely the best way to go; she remembered seeing the Chasers successfully using a variety of hand gestures with each other last year whenever they closed in on the hoops. She’d have to bring that up with him later. Pulling up as she approached Elly, she ended up flying- eh, probably about seven meters or so above her by her reckoning, where she matched the older girl’s speed as she waited for Calix to hit the bludger.

Lee soon heard the crack of his bat from behind her and looked down to see it was lined up perfectly with their target, though Elly of course heard it as well and dropped in height. She leaned into a steep dive and met up with the bludger as it sped over their captain’s head to send it flying back towards her. Slowing her broom to a halt, she watched the bludger’s path while switching her bat to her other hand. The shock the bludger’s impact had sent down her arm made her wince, shaking her arm out to try and regain some feeling in it. What an idiot she was, hitting it at an angle like that. Dropping on top of a bludger while she hit it? Well... I guess it worked. Ever seeking to expand her range of skills on the pitch regardless of how much pain it might put her in, she decided to work on that by herself sometime.

Her position relative to Elly made it hard for her to see if the bludger had actually hit her or just brushed against her, but the large ball soon appeared to bounce off and so she assumed that it must have come in some degree of contact. As the bludger came back at her, she turned towards Calix and took her hand off her broom briefly to wave him back. “Go deep!” she shouted to him as she guided her broom with her knees to face the bludger. She sped up to meet it head-on, mind working furiously. He was moderately far away from them, she needed to hit it with enough force to get it his way fast but not too much force, so that it would move steadily instead of weaving as these bludgers tended to do, and Elly was still turning to the right, so she should put a slight spin on her hit to turn it in the opposite direction and hopefully give it just enough distance that it would fly parallel or even a bit in front of Elly, and then he’d probably have the best chance of being able to aim it towards her without having to reposition himself. She whacked the bludger in his direction as soon as it was within a comfortable range of her bat. Trying to match it up with what she’d been thinking as accurately as she could, she followed through with her hit and tailed along behind the bludger, not close enough to get in his way, but enough that she knew she could easily jump forward and lend him a hand if he needed her.

OOC: sounds good! Join in whenever you feel like it.

  • Go ahead, I'm right hereElly, Wed Mar 16 16:45
    Everyone was taking to the skies for their first team practise together. Admittedly most of the team had worked together before, but this was their first practise with this particular line-up. Elly... more
    • Seeking a beating, apparently. — Liana, Fri Mar 18 19:14
      • I'd like to oblige.Calix, Sun Mar 20 14:49
        As he'd predicted, Elly ducked the bludger and the ball continued to head toward Liana. He raised an auburn brow when she decided to drop on top of the bludger while hitting it. She obviously hadn't... more
        • Oblige away!Liana, Mon Mar 21 07:42
          Slowing down as she approached him, she made sure to leave Calix plenty of space as he leaned to hit the bludger. Liana grinned as she watched him knock it straight at Elly. He had really good aim,... more
          • And now you can oblige me.Calix, Mon Mar 21 23:18
            He watched her hit the bludger back towards Elly, approving of her method even if it hadn't hit. Funny how each of them could use their own vastly different heights to their advantage. He leaned... more
            • I'd hardly consider that an obligation.Liana, Thu Mar 24 22:25
              Her smile widened slightly at his reply, she hadn’t been expecting it and it was almost a bit of a relief to know he hadn’t forgotten. She was about to answer him but the conflicting emotions that... more
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