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Good idea. Now the question is: how?
Sat Mar 19, 2011 20:43

OOC: Actually, he wanted to have Patrick make the shot with his "powerful arm," but it's all good!

Pat was disappointed that his shot hadn't made it, really disappointed, actually, but he'd try and make it up with this next one. He nodded at Gabriel and took his position next at Hector's right. He passed the quaffle to Hector, who almost dropped it. The competitive side of Pat almost made him cry out, but Hector thankfully kept a hold of it and flew towards the hoops. Pat followed close behind and watched as Hector threw it to the right hoop. Now this was going to be fun.

The kick Gabriel had described sounded just like soccer in the air, and Pat loved soccer as much as he loved Quidditch. He curved around so he met the quaffle at an angle and kicked with all his might at the left hoop. He hoped that Hyana would leap to the right and miss it completely. One could always hope, though she was a fantastic Keeper.

Pat had the idea that perhaps kicking it and then having another kick it fully into the left hoop would be a good idea, but he supposed he'd have to see for himself. He swooped around from the momentum of his kick, his back turning briefly on the hoop. He was facing the rest of his teammates; he guessed he'd be able to gauge their reaction to see if he made it or not.

  • Then don't make themHector, Fri Mar 18 16:58
    OOC: I took the liberty to god-mod (SORRY! SORRY!) but itís to make the thread go faster. Gabriel wanted Hector to take the shot. Sorry again. Hector was hovering on his broom watching the scene... more
    • Good idea. Now the question is: how? — Pat, Sat Mar 19 20:43
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