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I'd like to oblige.
Sun Mar 20, 2011 14:49

As he'd predicted, Elly ducked the bludger and the ball continued to head toward Liana. He raised an auburn brow when she decided to drop on top of the bludger while hitting it. She obviously hadn't ever done that before. Besides actually working as a real team with his fellow beater, Calix didn't think there was much he hadn't tried as beater. It was the one time he really strove to be out of his comfort zone. Whereas he usually liked to things that just worked, in Quidditch he had to always be changing his moves, less the other team caught on to his style.

"Go Deep!"

He bristled at the order (nevermind that he had instructed her previously) but reminded himself that it didn't matter. It didn't matter that she was a girl (despite the fact that on the whole he disaproved of girls playing Quidditch) because she was a good player, and it didn't matter that she was ordering him because he'd be ordering her around just as much. 'Think of it as directly comunicating.' He could pracically hear Selene's annoyingly soothing voice.

He gripped his broom and sped off, looking over his shoulder and waiting for the bludger to come his way, while also keeping an eye on Elly's position. CRACK. The bludger came, whistling through the air, and he could see the slight spin Liana had put on it. He leaned to the side of his broom so that he was veering towards the right, raising his bat with both hands as he felt himself begin to tilt off though his knees kept him on. Elly was a little behind him, Liana a little behind the bludger.


He made a sharp stop in the air as he hit the hard brown ball, watching it shoot right back towards Elly, a cannon ball eager to strike and maim. A wide grin flashed across his face, even while Elly dodged and the bludger hit her shin instead of her stomach. It was still a fun hit to make. He rolled his shoulders back, watching the bludger deflect from Elly and go on an angle between him and Liana. Calix sped right back after the bludger, turning to see if Liana was near him.

"Hey, I need to ask you something!" He shouted at her.

  • Seeking a beating, apparently.Liana, Fri Mar 18 19:14
    Quidditch games were always so loud and crazy in comparison to team practices. It honestly felt a bit weird for her to look at Calix, see he was talking, and actually be able to hear him as well. She ... more
    • I'd like to oblige. — Calix, Sun Mar 20 14:49
      • Oblige away!Liana, Mon Mar 21 07:42
        Slowing down as she approached him, she made sure to leave Calix plenty of space as he leaned to hit the bludger. Liana grinned as she watched him knock it straight at Elly. He had really good aim,... more
        • And now you can oblige me.Calix, Mon Mar 21 23:18
          He watched her hit the bludger back towards Elly, approving of her method even if it hadn't hit. Funny how each of them could use their own vastly different heights to their advantage. He leaned... more
          • I'd hardly consider that an obligation.Liana, Thu Mar 24 22:25
            Her smile widened slightly at his reply, she hadnít been expecting it and it was almost a bit of a relief to know he hadnít forgotten. She was about to answer him but the conflicting emotions that... more
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