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Oblige away!
Mon Mar 21, 2011 07:42

Slowing down as she approached him, she made sure to leave Calix plenty of space as he leaned to hit the bludger. Liana grinned as she watched him knock it straight at Elly. He had really good aim, and the physical strength to put behind his hits.

For a moment, she remembered why she’d felt so guilty about being accepted onto the team last year. She - the kid fresh off the streets who was goofing around and adapting to the sport in the way she adapted to everything else in life; the kid who knew she wasn’t a Quidditch player in any sense of the word - had been picked over him, someone who’d been playing the game and really playing it, training for it, much longer than her. She wasn’t guilty about it any more. She’d learned a lot over that one year. But it was painfully obvious that she still had a lot more to learn.

The bludger was repelled from Elly into the space between them. Keeping a loose grip on both broom and bat, she turned to follow it, a bit startled when Calix shouted to her. “You pick a funny time to ask it!” she shouted back before twisting sideways on her broom as she came up to the bludger. The tiny girl barely had to duck in order to avoid it, instead swinging her arm in a circle clockwise as she passed beneath it to send it at an angle behind her and up towards Elly with a loud crack.

Lee wrinkled her nose in mild annoyance as the older girl evaded it this time but smiled nonetheless. Even when they didn’t make their targets, it just felt so good to be out here hitting those bludgers. Yet to turn around, the bludger was still flying farther away from them, and she pulled her broom up to fly next to Calix once more. Still smiling, she looked across at him, ruthlessly stomping on all the butterflies that were making it a habit of taking over her insides whenever he was around. Why why why? she asked herself, not exactly rhetorically as she wasn't certain what the question behind the why was in the first place and so could hardly be expected to know the answer. She shrugged it off and focused on what he had said. He wanted to ask her something. Right. “Go on, ask away.”

  • I'd like to oblige.Calix, Sun Mar 20 14:49
    As he'd predicted, Elly ducked the bludger and the ball continued to head toward Liana. He raised an auburn brow when she decided to drop on top of the bludger while hitting it. She obviously hadn't... more
    • Oblige away! — Liana, Mon Mar 21 07:42
      • And now you can oblige me.Calix, Mon Mar 21 23:18
        He watched her hit the bludger back towards Elly, approving of her method even if it hadn't hit. Funny how each of them could use their own vastly different heights to their advantage. He leaned... more
        • I'd hardly consider that an obligation.Liana, Thu Mar 24 22:25
          Her smile widened slightly at his reply, she hadn’t been expecting it and it was almost a bit of a relief to know he hadn’t forgotten. She was about to answer him but the conflicting emotions that... more
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