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Gabriel Errant
Jog of (not quite) Contentment
Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:54

After leaving Arlette, he arrived at the pitch, grabbing one of the brooms from the shed and mounted it, bending his knees and kicking off, his own broom forgotten on his bed. He did a couple of laps, racing his own self, experimenting with a few dives and sudden pull ups from the ground. The wind felt nice against him, but he soon grew impatient with the broom which wasn't as good as his own self-made one he'd had since Freshman year in that awesome Charms class he'd taken. He spent a few more minutes in the air and then descended quickly, hopping off and letting the broom rest on the ground before starting up jogging, making laps around the pitch. He kept his pace steady, circling around and around and around and feeling good about his stamina.

'Can't wait for the game.' He thought excitedly. He knew it wouldn't happen until after midterm, but he woke up nearly every day now, training as if it would happen later that night. His physical health had been improving tremendously, even his glucose dropping down (he had always scarfed up too much sugar that his doctors always warned him about). 'I almost feel... grown up.' He had a girlfriend now, he had a job lined up after graduation that he was actually going to enjoy, he had access to his family's money, he was in better health, he was assistant captain... things were good. Things were...

'Boring.' He tripped over his feet but regained his balance and continued on, increasing his pace around the pitch. 'No, not boring. Just slow. Easy... predictable.' Where was the excitement? The passion in his life? What did he have to occupy his time now that he wasn't struggling or yearning for something. At the moment, he had given up on Oliver, not sure if he wanted to actually see the kid, never mind if Amelie would even let him. He still liked to sketch, but that wasn't enough. 'Guess all I have is Quidditch right now.' He guessed that was what growing up was. He knew he couldn't stay himself forever... but couldn't he? He wasn't sure what he wanted. 'But, I might as well try all this out now. See if it grows on me. If I like it.'

Passing the entrance to the pitch, he saw someone enter on. He raised his hand in acknowledgment and continued the jog, not really registering whom it was, lost in his own jumbled thoughts and feelings.

    • I feel ya. Patrick DiCaprio, Wed Apr 20 00:50
      Patrick didn't know what to do. He was pretty busy for his first year, not that it wasn't anything new. But he didn't feel like he was really making enough money now to support himself. Sure, he had... more
      • Join the jog thenGabriel, Wed Apr 20 10:55
        A few more laps around the pitch cleared him up somewhat, and Gabriel glanced up at the figure on the broom, grinning slightly at the obvious unsteadiness of it. He remembered with growing fondness... more
        • Will do. Thanks for the invite.Pat, Wed Apr 20 19:52
          Chico? Didn't that mean boy? Pat was ready to correct him, but what did he didn't want to get off on a bad foot with him. "I would, but I don't have the right funds for it," he said. "If I were to... more
          • The jog feels a lot better now, actually.Gabriel, Fri Apr 22 16:07
            A mixture of respect and annoyance filtered through Gabriel's mind as he listened to Patrick talk openly about his limited funds. Though Marianna and David currently enjoyed a life of above average... more
            • Running's always nice with company.Pat, Fri Apr 22 16:36
              Pat grinned. Baddest boy on campus? Not from what he'd seen and heard. Unless, of course, he went around with multiple girls and was a part of a gang and all the other stereotypical things a bad boy... more
              • Depends, really. Hector Edwards, Fri Apr 22 17:35
                OOC: Hope you don't mind my intrusion. :D Exercising was one of the things that helped calm himself, and today he desperately needed to be calm, otherwise he would end up hexing someone into the next ... more
                • On the company. *cough* Hectorgoaway *cough*Gabriel, Fri Apr 22 22:51
                  ooc: *glare* oh we mind very much... *grins* HOWEVER, we're quite aware of your obsession with me and understand that you are physically unable of staying away. BIC: "Cool. After our win against the... more
                  • Hey, it's bonding time! Patch, Fri Apr 22 23:16
                    Patrick was a little surprised that Gabriel hadn't found anyone to his liking. Gabriel seemed outgoing enough and friendly enough with the girls. "I have a hard time believing that. You're sexy... more
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