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The jog feels a lot better now, actually.
Fri Apr 22, 2011 16:07

A mixture of respect and annoyance filtered through Gabriel's mind as he listened to Patrick talk openly about his limited funds. Though Marianna and David currently enjoyed a life of above average wealth, and now that Gabriel was on speaking turns with his Spanish pureblood family he knew he would never have to worry about money, it wasn't too long ago that he had been living just off the streets. Running from city to city to city, sometimes left behind at elongated periods until Marianna had settled in a new place and could come back for him. He never talked about those days, not even with his own family. Renée was understandably curious about his life, but David had told her not to bother him until Gabriel was ready. He would never be ready. Living that life of constant movement had shaped whom he was, and he rather liked whom he had become. But he would never talk of how poor he had grown up, how desperate his life had often seemed.

But here Patrick was, talking so casually about it. As if it wasn't a horrible secret. ''Course, my life was a lot more impoverished than an American's life would have been.' Growing up in Europe and Latin America with the usual stories of America, it was hard for him to understand that Americans had real poverty too. In any case, Gabriel decided to no longer broach the subject, unsure with how he thought about it being discussed so openly.

"Friendly?!" He asked in mock indignation. "I'm about the baddest bad boy on campus!" He held a face of clouded anger before it dissolved in light laughter. "Ah, you caught me on the off season. You'll see how dangerous I am in Spring." He let his arms fall from his head, then swung them up again, different arm now being stretched. "Don't worry about Hector. He's mostly harmless. We do have a nice selection of the fairer sex, though, I must say." He spoke in a salesman voice, dropping that too with a grin. "Were you talking about anyone in particular?" He was thinking Hyana, remembering Elly pushing the two to dance earlier. That happened in one of his old teams; where people just coupled up. Sometimes it could be a strength for the team, and sometimes a certain chaser would forget they had a date with the Keeper and find a Quaffle thrust into their face instead of their hands. Gabriel could still feel the blood running from his nose. 'Thank Merlin Arlette has no interest in flying.'

  • Will do. Thanks for the invite.Pat, Wed Apr 20 19:52
    Chico? Didn't that mean boy? Pat was ready to correct him, but what did he didn't want to get off on a bad foot with him. "I would, but I don't have the right funds for it," he said. "If I were to... more
    • The jog feels a lot better now, actually. — Gabriel, Fri Apr 22 16:07
      • Running's always nice with company.Pat, Fri Apr 22 16:36
        Pat grinned. Baddest boy on campus? Not from what he'd seen and heard. Unless, of course, he went around with multiple girls and was a part of a gang and all the other stereotypical things a bad boy... more
        • Depends, really. Hector Edwards, Fri Apr 22 17:35
          OOC: Hope you don't mind my intrusion. :D Exercising was one of the things that helped calm himself, and today he desperately needed to be calm, otherwise he would end up hexing someone into the next ... more
          • On the company. *cough* Hectorgoaway *cough*Gabriel, Fri Apr 22 22:51
            ooc: *glare* oh we mind very much... *grins* HOWEVER, we're quite aware of your obsession with me and understand that you are physically unable of staying away. BIC: "Cool. After our win against the... more
            • Hey, it's bonding time! Patch, Fri Apr 22 23:16
              Patrick was a little surprised that Gabriel hadn't found anyone to his liking. Gabriel seemed outgoing enough and friendly enough with the girls. "I have a hard time believing that. You're sexy... more
              • *woots sarcasticly*Hector, Sat Apr 23 18:04
                OOC: Am I that transparent? Darn, I need to be more sneaky about it. Here I was thinking about some male "bonding"..... Hector crossed his arms, “No Gabriel, it is just so I can beat people that... more
                • *woots with genuine excitement*Gabriel, Mon Apr 25 11:51
                  "I'm double majoring in Transfiguration and Charms. You know," He laughed. "The fun classes." He actually had to take a lot of extra classes that he'd never thought he'd have to do again. But since... more
                  • Yay for team buildingPat, Mon Apr 25 19:08
                    Pat himself wasn't very into transfiguration or charms. He sucked at both. Healing was much more his thing. And anything with creatures. And maybe herbology, but that was pushing it too. It started... more
                    • *grumbles*Hector, Tue Apr 26 19:13
                      The rain began to fall, completely soaking him in a few minutes. Hector hated the feel of wet clothing on him. He never had, and never would like it. Plus, it added weight while flying. Nothing good... more
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