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Hector Edwards
Depends, really.
Fri Apr 22, 2011 17:35

OOC: Hope you don't mind my intrusion. :D

Exercising was one of the things that helped calm himself, and today he desperately needed to be calm, otherwise he would end up hexing someone into the next millennia. Everything and everyone had plotted against him, he was sure of it. Mia was in one of her moods, and she he preferred to stay away, he didn’t have the need to be abused by his fiancée, or the will. No, Hector could go and find what he wanted from someone else. Mia wasn’t the only girl in the world. Just to make himself feel a little better, he had kicked Feather on his way out. That beast had it coming, he wasn’t going to have it growl at him on his damn house.

His relationship with Mia was a constant power struggle, and he loved it. He never had a dull moment with her, and in spite of everything, he did feel something for her. The Blonde wasn’t sure what it was, but it was there. Mia was one of a kind, she was gorgeous, intelligent, witty and drove him completely crazy, not to mention her knack for the Finer Arts. There was no doubt about it, he had the best future wife he could ask for. A boring girl would make everything dull. The thing with Mia was that no matter how many girls he was seeing, he always came back to her. She had a pull over him, an addiction, and he couldn’t get enough of her. But today, he really didn’t want to see her, at least for some hours. She was intolerable.

So, after arguing with her, for the umpteenth time, he had gone to the office to try and make himself feel better by ruining someone’s life. He was having a fairly good time, when his father interrupted him and began lecturing him about some inconsequential thing. His patience had been tested to its limit, and before he ended hexing his father, he stormed off. Hexing Alec Edwards wasn’t the brightest idea ever.

Quidditch seemed like the best alternative to calm himself, with the positive side effect of working out. Something he did regularly, but hadn’t done today. He Apparated to the apartment, changed into his work-out clothing and grabbed his Beater things. The blonde liked to play-Beater when he was blowing off some steam, it had become something of a regular thing as of late.

He arrived at the Pitch, just to find it occupied by Gabriel and Patrick. Great. He wasn’t in the mood to socialize, but they were his teammates, specifically the people he played Chaser with. He took the deepest breath ever and walked towards them, his things hovering behind him. His custom-made Beater broom and bat. He caught Patrick’s last question, his mind instantly went to Alessandra and smiled. He needed to seek her out.

“Hey,” she said in greeting. Patrick and Gabriel was not his usual crowd, but he had to work with what the team had to offer.

  • Running's always nice with company.Pat, Fri Apr 22 16:36
    Pat grinned. Baddest boy on campus? Not from what he'd seen and heard. Unless, of course, he went around with multiple girls and was a part of a gang and all the other stereotypical things a bad boy... more
    • Depends, really. — Hector Edwards, Fri Apr 22 17:35
      • On the company. *cough* Hectorgoaway *cough*Gabriel, Fri Apr 22 22:51
        ooc: *glare* oh we mind very much... *grins* HOWEVER, we're quite aware of your obsession with me and understand that you are physically unable of staying away. BIC: "Cool. After our win against the... more
        • Hey, it's bonding time! Patch, Fri Apr 22 23:16
          Patrick was a little surprised that Gabriel hadn't found anyone to his liking. Gabriel seemed outgoing enough and friendly enough with the girls. "I have a hard time believing that. You're sexy... more
          • *woots sarcasticly*Hector, Sat Apr 23 18:04
            OOC: Am I that transparent? Darn, I need to be more sneaky about it. Here I was thinking about some male "bonding"..... Hector crossed his arms, “No Gabriel, it is just so I can beat people that... more
            • *woots with genuine excitement*Gabriel, Mon Apr 25 11:51
              "I'm double majoring in Transfiguration and Charms. You know," He laughed. "The fun classes." He actually had to take a lot of extra classes that he'd never thought he'd have to do again. But since... more
              • Yay for team buildingPat, Mon Apr 25 19:08
                Pat himself wasn't very into transfiguration or charms. He sucked at both. Healing was much more his thing. And anything with creatures. And maybe herbology, but that was pushing it too. It started... more
                • *grumbles*Hector, Tue Apr 26 19:13
                  The rain began to fall, completely soaking him in a few minutes. Hector hated the feel of wet clothing on him. He never had, and never would like it. Plus, it added weight while flying. Nothing good... more
                  • Storm WarningGabriel, Tue Apr 26 23:49
                    Gabriel caught the pass against his chest, palming the Quaffle in his right hand and urged the broom on with his left, angling his body forward as he dropped in height, wanting to practice his... more
                    • Aw, crap.Pat, Wed Apr 27 00:22
                      Pat charm a keeper out of thin air? Yeah right. He'd have to pass on that one. And it seemed like Hector was a bit busy with the bludgers too. The quaffle Gabriel threw easily came to him, despite... more
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