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Elly Eriksson
Quidditch Practise!
Tue May 3, 2011 11:42

"Alright, you bunch of slackers, get your unworthy arses over here!" Elly laughed as she called the rest of the team over, prepared to duck anything that was thrown her way in response. She'd waited almost a whole week after classes resumed to give everyone the opportunity to get back into the swing of things before calling their first Quidditch practise after midterm. "Okay, so most of us had a nice break, now we really need to get back into training. Our first game is in just a few weeks, and we need to be on top."

The usual practise balls lay in their cases to one side, but Elly had already retrieved the red leather Quaffle and was now holding it out in front of her. "Anyone ever played hot potato?" she asked rhetorically as she raised her wand and cast a charm on the Quaffle. "We're going to start with a warm up," she said to her team. "If you hold the Quaffle for more than five seconds it will start to vibrate," she said, and as if on cue the red ball began to shake in her hands, "which makes it tricky to hold on to." She passed the ball along to the nearest player, and as she ceased contact it went still again. "We're going to work on concentration. So everyone up in the air, and fly in something resembling a circle. When you catch the ball you have to shout out the name of a country. The longer you take, the more the Quaffle will try to get away. Everyone got it?" Signalling for the Quaffle to be passed back to her, Elly caught the ball and then mounted her broomstick. "Off we go!"

Pushing off from the ground, Elly joined the rest of her teammates in taking to the air. The Quaffle under her arm began to shake, so the redhead wasted no time in passing it to her nearest teammate.

    • Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Hot Potato - Hot!Assistant Captain Gabriel (a.k.a. "Sir"), Thu May 5 00:24
      Everyday that passed and got closer to the game, Gabriel grew just a little more and more in excitement. Jian Wong was an excellent chaser, and this was a chance for him to prove his own talent... more
      • You say poh-tay-toh, I say poh-tah-toh...Patrick DiCaprio, Thu May 5 02:05
        Patrick was getting pumped for their first match. It was exciting to know that he was going to be playing chaser again, and at the college level too. He had found out a little more about the other... more
        • Life seemed to be going on as usual. Classes had started up and were keeping her busy, far more so than usual as she had completely thrown herself into her coursework and was doing everything... more
          • Maybe it was the note from Mikey, maybe it was the dinner with Darla, or the new package of beer he'd had the weekend to enjoy, or the six cigarettes he'd smoked that morning, or the fact that he'd... more
            • I'll just take the french fries.Hyana Kamiya, Tue May 10 13:36
              Midterm was always Hyana’s favorite part of the school year. It meant she got time with Grace and Brett. She got time with Brett’s family. Every time they hung out, she was getting more comfortable... more
              • French fries make you fatHector, Wed May 11 00:38
                His midterm had been somewhat weird, with Isabella suddenly telling the family she had gotten married and was expecting, and the fact that he learned that his patience had a limit when it came to his ... more
                • Everything in moderationElly, Fri May 13 10:54
                  Having the whole team back together was really exhilerating, particularly with their game not far off on the horizon. However, reuniting everyone back after the midterm break seemed to feel slightly... more
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