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Assistant Captain Gabriel (a.k.a. "Sir")
Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Hot Potato - Hot!
Thu May 5, 2011 00:24

Everyday that passed and got closer to the game, Gabriel grew just a little more and more in excitement. Jian Wong was an excellent chaser, and this was a chance for him to prove his own talent against him. He had been training hard, obsessively, finding with surprise how much time he had at his disposal now that he was going out on dates with only one girl. Also how much more money he had. Striding onto the pitch, Gabriel had his game face on; a wide, beaming, excitable one. He saw the rest of his team filing onto the pitch and hurried towards them, pushing his red head band up from his neck and onto his temple to keep the dark curls above his eyes, his broom floating behind him, and adjusted the blue shorts and thin white t-shirt that he had put on backwards in his haste to leave.

"Buenos días!" He greeted Liana, walking with her as they gathered around Elly. His happiness was so great, his utter contentment had increased after midterm, and he was becoming one of those sickening people that demanded the rest of the world be happy (and believed that it was) only because they themselves were happy. He was aware of this, and yet couldn't stop it. He wanted a world of rainbows, something to signify how great life was going for him: a new access to wealth; his family was in contact with one another; Quidditch; Arlette; good friends with Elly, Liana, and Isabella; a job lined up after graduation; and he was still as good looking as ever.

He listened to Elly talk before laughing at what their apparent practice was going to be and swinging onto his Elm wood broom, kicking off and rising into the air. Elly passed to him and he caught it easily, turning around to settle himself in the air. "España!" He grinned as he shouted the first country that came to mind. The Quaffle had barely trembled in his grasp when he tossed it in a long arch towards another teammate, continuing on the game.

  • Quidditch Practise!Elly Eriksson, Tue May 3 11:42
    "Alright, you bunch of slackers, get your unworthy arses over here!" Elly laughed as she called the rest of the team over, prepared to duck anything that was thrown her way in response. She'd waited... more
    • Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Hot Potato - Hot! — Assistant Captain Gabriel (a.k.a. "Sir"), Thu May 5 00:24
      • You say poh-tay-toh, I say poh-tah-toh...Patrick DiCaprio, Thu May 5 02:05
        Patrick was getting pumped for their first match. It was exciting to know that he was going to be playing chaser again, and at the college level too. He had found out a little more about the other... more
        • Life seemed to be going on as usual. Classes had started up and were keeping her busy, far more so than usual as she had completely thrown herself into her coursework and was doing everything... more
          • Maybe it was the note from Mikey, maybe it was the dinner with Darla, or the new package of beer he'd had the weekend to enjoy, or the six cigarettes he'd smoked that morning, or the fact that he'd... more
            • I'll just take the french fries.Hyana Kamiya, Tue May 10 13:36
              Midterm was always Hyana’s favorite part of the school year. It meant she got time with Grace and Brett. She got time with Brett’s family. Every time they hung out, she was getting more comfortable... more
              • French fries make you fatHector, Wed May 11 00:38
                His midterm had been somewhat weird, with Isabella suddenly telling the family she had gotten married and was expecting, and the fact that he learned that his patience had a limit when it came to his ... more
                • Everything in moderationElly, Fri May 13 10:54
                  Having the whole team back together was really exhilerating, particularly with their game not far off on the horizon. However, reuniting everyone back after the midterm break seemed to feel slightly... more
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