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Patrick DiCaprio
You say poh-tay-toh, I say poh-tah-toh...
Thu May 5, 2011 02:05

Patrick was getting pumped for their first match. It was exciting to know that he was going to be playing chaser again, and at the college level too. He had found out a little more about the other team as well. Apparently, they were good. Really good, at least in the chaser department. And they had placed second in the nation, which could only mean that they were amazing. Ah, what a challenge!

Patrick still hadn't managed to get a new broom, so he was forced to grab one of the old school ones. He was really running out of time, but he was reluctant to spend a good amount of money on a new broom, even though it was necessary. After Christmas gifts, he had to really make up for it, and if he bought a new broom, well, that would be the most he'd ever spent in just six months. Living in poverty hadn't really given him opportunity to spend with abandon.

He waved to his teammates, since he knew all of them now (except for that other beater, Calix) and listened as Elly talked. Pat loved listening to her talk and she was just as much fun on the pitch as she was off it. And she was a good captain. She wanted them to bond, not just play. Patrick couldn't help the little smile that came on his face at her carefree attitude. He really liked hanging out with her, and she definitely made the greatest coffee ever that rivaled himself. Almost. He liked having a little competition go on in his head, though it was really just in his head.

He wasn't used to the school broom, and it jerked a little as he tried to get up into the air. He successfully got up, and felt a little wobbly still. He'd get used to it. He cast a cushioning charm on the broom and then raised his hands to catch the vibrating Quaffle. "United States," he said with a grin. Hey, he had to represent with all these international students here.

  • Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Hot Potato - Hot!Assistant Captain Gabriel (a.k.a. "Sir"), Thu May 5 00:24
    Everyday that passed and got closer to the game, Gabriel grew just a little more and more in excitement. Jian Wong was an excellent chaser, and this was a chance for him to prove his own talent... more
    • You say poh-tay-toh, I say poh-tah-toh... — Patrick DiCaprio, Thu May 5 02:05
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          • I'll just take the french fries.Hyana Kamiya, Tue May 10 13:36
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            • French fries make you fatHector, Wed May 11 00:38
              His midterm had been somewhat weird, with Isabella suddenly telling the family she had gotten married and was expecting, and the fact that he learned that his patience had a limit when it came to his ... more
              • Everything in moderationElly, Fri May 13 10:54
                Having the whole team back together was really exhilerating, particularly with their game not far off on the horizon. However, reuniting everyone back after the midterm break seemed to feel slightly... more
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