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Liana Chapman
Think I'd rather eat potatoes than throw them, to be honest.
Thu May 5, 2011 19:48

Life seemed to be going on as usual. Classes had started up and were keeping her busy, far more so than usual as she had completely thrown herself into her coursework and was doing everything above-and-beyond in an attempt to keep herself busy enough that her mind was forced to stop thinking about... well. Everything else, really. Liana still couldn't sleep for more than an hour a night before the dreams became unbearable, but she was managing fine. Although right now, the excessive amounts of caffeine that had lately been accompanying her every meal was probably the only reason that she even had the energy to get up from her books and head down for Quidditch practice.

Gabriel kept pace with her as they walked across the pitch, and she acknowledged his approach with a nod, returning his greeting if not the smile. "Buon giorno." Being back on the pitch, walking with him, standing with her team... This is just weird. All of them, together again, exactly the same as before midterm. She reckoned that she looked the same as well, minus the tired eyes and lack of her usual smile. It was almost disturbing, to think that everything seemed perfectly normal and yet the monster was still eating her up inside.

She half-listened to Elly's instructions, impatient to fly instead of talking and playing games. Finally she was in the air, with her broom solid between her and the ground, long hair blowing around her shoulders and open space as far as she could see. The sound of the Quaffle being passed around snapped her back into reality and she tore her attention away from the horizon, locking back into the circle of her teammates. Patrick soon tossed the Quaffle over and she caught it in one hand, her country's name coming automatically to her lips. "Italia." The ball was in contact with her for only a second before she sent it spinning off her fingertips and across the circle.

  • You say poh-tay-toh, I say poh-tah-toh...Patrick DiCaprio, Thu May 5 02:05
    Patrick was getting pumped for their first match. It was exciting to know that he was going to be playing chaser again, and at the college level too. He had found out a little more about the other... more
    • Think I'd rather eat potatoes than throw them, to be honest. — Liana Chapman, Thu May 5 19:48
      • Maybe it was the note from Mikey, maybe it was the dinner with Darla, or the new package of beer he'd had the weekend to enjoy, or the six cigarettes he'd smoked that morning, or the fact that he'd... more
        • I'll just take the french fries.Hyana Kamiya, Tue May 10 13:36
          Midterm was always Hyana’s favorite part of the school year. It meant she got time with Grace and Brett. She got time with Brett’s family. Every time they hung out, she was getting more comfortable... more
          • French fries make you fatHector, Wed May 11 00:38
            His midterm had been somewhat weird, with Isabella suddenly telling the family she had gotten married and was expecting, and the fact that he learned that his patience had a limit when it came to his ... more
            • Everything in moderationElly, Fri May 13 10:54
              Having the whole team back together was really exhilerating, particularly with their game not far off on the horizon. However, reuniting everyone back after the midterm break seemed to feel slightly... more
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