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Calix Panos
... and I'd like an order of french fries, and potato chips.
Thu May 5, 2011 20:35

Maybe it was the note from Mikey, maybe it was the dinner with Darla, or the new package of beer he'd had the weekend to enjoy, or the six cigarettes he'd smoked that morning, or the fact that he'd rediscovered his closeted love of opera... but Calix was smiling as he walked onto the Pitch. It was a smile that wouldn't have been really noticeable on anybody else because it was small and surrounded by tufts of thin reddish brown hair. But it changed his whole face, relaxing his hazel eyes, smoothing the crease between his brows. He felt refreshed, a good amount of smoke and liquor filling his lungs and he wasn't going to run out of his particular kind of oxygen any time soon. Dressed in Quidditch sports robes (thanks to Andreas' little business, he was making enough money to splurge a little and buy a set for practice wear, and a set for an actual game), he made his way onto the pitch, shoulder length auburn hair tied back.

Eriksson was already on the pitch when he arrived, and Calix studiously ignored the rest of his teammates, focusing instead on the instructions. He was here because he loved - needed - to play. The socializing aspect of the team did not interest him in the slightest. He had prepared himself for this day as soon as the new term had started. 'Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.' What had happened had happened. In all actuality, nothing had really changed. He and Liana had been nothing before, and they were still nothing now. Perhaps there had been a moment (fuzzy in time, unclear in memory) when they were on the road to somewhere... but he had stopped them and turned them around, brought them back to where they should be.

Calix listened to the instructions (lamenting the fact that if a man had been Captain, then surely they wouldn't be playing such an inane game), swung onto his broom, kicked off from the ground, and rose steadily into the air. Spain... America... Italy... and the Quaffle was heading for him. He reached out and caught it, feeling the hard slap against the palm of his hand. He couldn't actually remember the last time he had cause to touch the Quaffle. "Morocco." His mind always went to that country after hearing Italy; he remembered Sebastien telling him a story about one of the ancient Panos, and how the man ended up traveling from Greece, to Italy, to Morocco spreading disease to muggle villages. A proud moment in the Panos history. He palmed the Quaffle, feeling it readying to lunge out of his hold, and tossed it to the side of him.

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    • ... and I'd like an order of french fries, and potato chips. — Calix Panos, Thu May 5 20:35
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          • Everything in moderationElly, Fri May 13 10:54
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