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Hyana Kamiya
I'll just take the french fries.
Tue May 10, 2011 13:36

Midterm was always Hyana’s favorite part of the school year. It meant she got time with Grace and Brett. She got time with Brett’s family. Every time they hung out, she was getting more comfortable around his numerous brothers. The Christmas gathering was really fun, too. She adored having such a big family. She and Brett weren’t married, or thinking about getting married, or anything like that, but they were still family.

Grace, living the glamorous life of a fourth grader, also loved having such a big family. Hyana watched her baby sister at the Christmas party thing; she had all the brothers wrapped around her little fingers. Each brother even had a different Pokémon nickname for Grace. Hyana felt really good about Grace being at home when she watched her sister and Brett’s family. The younger girl wasn’t making friends at school. Hyana didn’t understand why; Grace claimed she didn’t need friends. She’d be going to RMI in two years so there was no point in making Muggle friends. As long as the boys were there to take care of Grace, Hyana felt better about staying at SUM.

Of course, over midterm, Hyana had received an offer she was really afraid to refuse. She had been recommended to an intensive two-year Healing program, and an owl delivered the news. The program wanted her. After her birthday (and Christmas, since they were the same day), Hyana told Brett about the letter, that she didn’t know what to do. She kept asking what he wanted her to do. When he finally told her, finally admitted what he wanted, Hyana promised to think about it.

Her boyfriend wanted her to accept the position. She could live with him if she was in the program; he offered that. He wanted her to be happy. He thought she’d be happier away from SUM, because she wasn’t there.

Hyana wasn’t entirely unhappy at SUM right now. She wasn’t happy, but she wasn’t miserable. Elly was there. Hyana was starting to get along with the Quidditch team a bit more. Hector Edwards wasn’t trying to kill her lately, so that worry was gone. She just…wasn’t happy. Was Brett right?

Back at SUM, back at Quidditch practices, Hyana felt okay. The first week or two after midterm was always hard for her, being away from Brett and Grace and her new family. Quidditch was helpful, though. She liked her team, and Elly was a fantastic captain. Even with such a silly warm up, Elly was a good captain. It was good to have silly warm ups. Not taking things seriously all the time made it easier to bond.

She pushed off of the ground when Elly said to and waited for the Quaffle to come her way. It was fascinating how many different countries were being named. Were there really that many different backgrounds on their small team? Hyana caught the Quaffle Calix tossed with ease.

“Japan.” She grinned and tossed the Quaffle to a nearby player. Hyana really didn’t want to worry about making decisions right now. She’d rather just stay and play Quidditch.

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    • I'll just take the french fries. — Hyana Kamiya, Tue May 10 13:36
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