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Everything in moderation
Fri May 13, 2011 10:54

Having the whole team back together was really exhilerating, particularly with their game not far off on the horizon. However, reuniting everyone back after the midterm break seemed to feel slightly different than the way it had before the holiday: some of the group dynamics seemed a litrle altered. Elly and Gabriel were still loud-mouthed and insatiably cheerful, but now Gabriel had a girlfriend who happened to be Elly's roomate, so for the first time she'd known Gabriel she was hearing him talked about in terms other than Quidditch. On the other hand, Calix and Liana, who seemed to be getting closer before midterm, were practically avoiding each other now. Liana particularly seemed more off-beat than usual; Calix had always been less sociable than the rest of the team. Hector and Hyana seemed to have brought along their usual repressed animosity - which was about the only thing that had remained constant and yet the only thing Elly would have willingly changed - and then there was Patrick.

So Elly was now dating one of the other Quidditch players; it couldn't be that bad of an idea, could it? She hadn't really said anything about it to anyone other than Arlette, and she definitely wasn't going to make a big Quidditch team announcement about it or anything that tacky. It wasn't like she was hiding anything - if people knew, then that was fine, but it didn't mean she had to go telling the whole world. If that's what Patrick wanted to do, on the other hand, that was entirely up to him. For Elly's part, she just wanted to see if she could keep her attention on Quidditch during the practises.

So far so good - she caught the pass from Hector, and shouted out, "Austria!" So far as she knew, only Calix had called out the name of a country in which he didn't currently (or hadn't previously) reside. Techincally Elly had never actually lived in Austria, but her parents lived there, so she decided it counted. She passed the Quaffle on again, thinking they would continue the warm up for a couple more minutes before they got into proper exercises.

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    • Everything in moderation — Elly, Fri May 13 10:54
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