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Jian Wong {Chaser}
Starting off on a bang (Quaffle@Sapienti goals)
Fri May 13, 2011 17:24

Quidditch was Jian’s life and honour and pride, all wound up into one small red ball. Though he enjoyed it as a game, that wasn’t what he played it for. He played it to win. Personally, he had succeeded in that last year, yet as a whole he had failed, as his team had narrowly missed the prestige of winning first. But this was now his third season as Captain, this was the season he had drilled both himself and his team harder than ever, and this season, things would be different. He was certain of it.

Ever aware of his surroundings, the Chinese man hardly flinched as Angela suddenly jumped up beside him.“Don’t get too excited,” he said, ignoring her looking up at him in favour of studying their opponents. He successfully managed to keep the irritated tone out of his voice at her own overly cheerful one. “Focus is key. Not fun.” DiCaprio, one of the Sapienti chasers, looked his way, and Jian met his eyes briefly, a look that could best be described as bored on his face. Of course, it was just a facade. He could already feel the adrenaline mounting inside him, the quiet desperation of wanting to get up in the air and feel that red ball between his hands again.

Jian mounted his broom, toes tense against the ground as he waited for the signal to kick off. This would be his last year at Williamsburg. ‘Gotta go out with a bang.’ Watching the ref like a hawk, he took off from the ground the instant the whistle blew, ignoring DiCaprio's possession of the Quaffle and instead heading straight for the Sapienti hoops. Despite her newbie status, he had moderately high confidence in Angela's ability to intercept passes and steal the ball. She would get a hold of the Quaffle soon, and she’d bring it right to the front. Angela was a silly girl sometimes - or most of the time, really - but after listening to her range of ideas and suggestions, he had to admit that she had a good mind for strategy. Probably the only reason he had agreed to go along with this play in the first place.

Watching her turning below him, he kept pace with her as they closed in on the hoops. He saw her begin to reach up and slammed to a halt, shoulder-length black hair whipping around his face as he twisted his broom around in a tight U-turn. Thwack! The reinforced tail of his broom met the Quaffle mid-air and sent it speeding straight at the far left hoop, the exact opposite hoop that Angela had feigned her aim towards. It was time to get this game started, and what better way to do that than attempt a goal in the first minute of the ref's whistle? Speed was, after all, one of Jian's strengths. 'Let's see just how fast these kids can move.'

ooc: co-written with Angela's author.

  • Let's get this started.Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Fri May 13 17:09
    Angela was quite excited for this match. She had heard good things about the Fireballs, particularly the men of the team, and being stuck in an arranged marriage with a hopelessly boring Ministry... more
    • Starting off on a bang (Quaffle@Sapienti goals) — Jian Wong {Chaser}, Fri May 13 17:24
      • I didn't hear itHector Edwards, Fireball Chaser, Fri May 13 19:27
        It was the day of the match, and Hector was quite excited about it. Quidditch was always something he enjoyed to do. He didn’t particularly like his teammates (with the exception of Elly), but that... more
        • Yeah, me neither...[SUM Chaser!]Pat, Fri May 13 20:36
          Patrick was a little peeved that his pass didn't get through, but Hector made up for it quickly. Pat zoomed over, trailing him, and then caught the pass that his teammates threw. He pulled to the... more
          • I did but it came from our side.Gabriel Errant {SUM Chaser}, Sat May 14 11:14
            The first thing he did when he woke up (and for once he wasn't late; an alarm clock, a screeching owl, and water charmed to splash on his face all in order to ensure that he wouldn't embarrass... more
            • You're all just in denial.Jian Wong, Sat May 14 13:42
              The instant before his broom made contact with the Quaffle, Jian saw a flash of robes from the corner of his eye, but it was too late for him to slow down enough to keep from hitting the ball towards ... more
              • They don't like ego crushersShae Bilson (Chaser), Sat May 14 13:51
                Shae Bilson was an extremely petite female of twenty. At her fullest drawn up height, she just barely touched the five foot line and her small frame only topped ninety pounds when she was soaking... more
                • Eh, they'll get used to it. (Quaffle@SUM hoops)Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Sat May 14 14:08
                  She huffed in annoyance when the Edwards man intercepted Jian's hit. Turning to follow him, she returned his wink with an eye-roll, smiling despite herself. Yes, Quidditch was serious, but she... more
                  • Crushing you? Don't worry, we already are.Calix Panos {Fireball Beater}, Sat May 14 15:12
                    His first ever game at Sapienti. Calix strode onto the pitch, beater's bat held in a stiff grip by his side, broom clutched in his bare hand as he walked into the locker room to get changed and... more
                    • You can never crush our spirits!Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Sat May 14 19:11
                      Angela never got to see if her shot went in. She heard the sharp crack of a bat, and though the blonde really ought to have learned after all of Jian's intense training to pay close attention to... more
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