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Hector Edwards, Fireball Chaser
I didn't hear it
Fri May 13, 2011 19:27

It was the day of the match, and Hector was quite excited about it. Quidditch was always something he enjoyed to do. He didn’t particularly like his teammates (with the exception of Elly), but that was what he was stuck with. The day was cold, but it wasn’t snowing, or hailing, or anything that could potentially become annoying. For some reason, he wished Mia had tried-out, he actually sort of trusted her with the Quaffle.

Hector had heard good things about the Boardhounds, it didn’t matter, he was not intimidated, actually little things intimidated the blonde. He wasn’t going to let a group of seven players do that. With all the confidence the Blonde possessed, he entered the Pitch clad in his custom-made Quidditch robes (he never wore something generic, it was tasteless). Hector’s robes had been made with the finest materials; his name and number were on the back. His custom-made Chaser broom was on his shoulder, a smirk on his face. He loved the game, after his other broom had snapped (more like he had broken it in sheer anger), he had decided to try a new company. The company was a new one, but they had amazing brooms. In fact, he had invested in it. The wizards that started it had potential, and he had convinced his father in injecting some capital on the company through Edwards’ Enterprises. He was sure his Gringotts’ vault would become even bigger than it already was.

Hector, patiently waited for the game to start, once the Quaffle was on the air, he smiled and zoomed upwards. Patrick got the Quaffle first, then it was intercepted by a Boarhound Chaser, to be grabbed by another one. The blonde could feel the adrenaline soaring through his veins. It was an amazing feeling, like when he stripped people from their things. Finances were beginning to grow on him. It gave him a sense of power, more than he already had. He leaned on his broom, letting it take him towards where the Head Chaser had made a throw to their hoops. Hector intercepted it, and grabbed the Quaffle.

He zoomed pass them and winked at the female chaser. Okay, of Mia had been there, she would have been livid. He smiled and flew towards their hoops. He looked to his sides, looking for Gabriel or Patrick. Once he spotted them, he sent a short-pass at the one on his left.

  • Starting off on a bang (Quaffle@Sapienti goals)Jian Wong {Chaser}, Fri May 13 17:24
    Quidditch was Jian’s life and honour and pride, all wound up into one small red ball. Though he enjoyed it as a game, that wasn’t what he played it for. He played it to win. Personally, he had... more
    • I didn't hear it — Hector Edwards, Fireball Chaser, Fri May 13 19:27
      • Yeah, me neither...[SUM Chaser!]Pat, Fri May 13 20:36
        Patrick was a little peeved that his pass didn't get through, but Hector made up for it quickly. Pat zoomed over, trailing him, and then caught the pass that his teammates threw. He pulled to the... more
        • I did but it came from our side.Gabriel Errant {SUM Chaser}, Sat May 14 11:14
          The first thing he did when he woke up (and for once he wasn't late; an alarm clock, a screeching owl, and water charmed to splash on his face all in order to ensure that he wouldn't embarrass... more
          • You're all just in denial.Jian Wong, Sat May 14 13:42
            The instant before his broom made contact with the Quaffle, Jian saw a flash of robes from the corner of his eye, but it was too late for him to slow down enough to keep from hitting the ball towards ... more
            • They don't like ego crushersShae Bilson (Chaser), Sat May 14 13:51
              Shae Bilson was an extremely petite female of twenty. At her fullest drawn up height, she just barely touched the five foot line and her small frame only topped ninety pounds when she was soaking... more
              • Eh, they'll get used to it. (Quaffle@SUM hoops)Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Sat May 14 14:08
                She huffed in annoyance when the Edwards man intercepted Jian's hit. Turning to follow him, she returned his wink with an eye-roll, smiling despite herself. Yes, Quidditch was serious, but she... more
                • Crushing you? Don't worry, we already are.Calix Panos {Fireball Beater}, Sat May 14 15:12
                  His first ever game at Sapienti. Calix strode onto the pitch, beater's bat held in a stiff grip by his side, broom clutched in his bare hand as he walked into the locker room to get changed and... more
                  • You can never crush our spirits!Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Sat May 14 19:11
                    Angela never got to see if her shot went in. She heard the sharp crack of a bat, and though the blonde really ought to have learned after all of Jian's intense training to pay close attention to... more
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