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Jian Wong
You're all just in denial.
Sat May 14, 2011 13:42

The instant before his broom made contact with the Quaffle, Jian saw a flash of robes from the corner of his eye, but it was too late for him to slow down enough to keep from hitting the ball towards the hoops. ‘Okay, so they’re fast enough to keep up.’ For now. He guessed that the opposing Chaser would intercept his hit and didn’t bother to stick around to watch, instead completing his turn and speeding off down the other end of the pitch. People were predictable. The instant the ball was in their possession, they’d take it down to the Boardhound hoops, he was certain of it.

His guess proved correct and he urged his broom up higher, watching from above as the three Sapienti chasers tossed the ball back and forth. He sunk down a bit closer to them as they drew nearer to the hoops, closely watching the way Errant was handling the Quaffle. A move of the arms, a twist of the shoulders - ‘There!’ He pushed the nose of his broom almost straight down just as Errant turned, guiding with only his knees as he dived between the two Chasers to grab the Quaffle. Continuing with his dive, he pulled out of it about six feet off the ground, throwing his weight sideways and rolling over and over until he became what looked like a corkscrew blur of blue robes and black hair. It was a move designed to confuse anyone watching; when he inevitably threw the Quaffle, they would have no idea where he was aiming for. That is, no one would know, except for his own Chasers. He spun his broom often enough during practises that something would be seriously wrong if they couldn’t figure it out.

Eyes trained on the hoops stretching up on the other end of the pitch, his vision narrowed until that was all he could see, three hoops, spinning around and around to his eyes as his broom rolled. One of his own Chasers briefly cut across his line of sight, and praying that they had been paying attention, he raised both hands and shoved the Quaffle out to the side, his turning momentum swiftly carrying it upwards directly in front of where his Chaser should be.

  • I did but it came from our side.Gabriel Errant {SUM Chaser}, Sat May 14 11:14
    The first thing he did when he woke up (and for once he wasn't late; an alarm clock, a screeching owl, and water charmed to splash on his face all in order to ensure that he wouldn't embarrass... more
    • You're all just in denial. — Jian Wong, Sat May 14 13:42
      • They don't like ego crushersShae Bilson (Chaser), Sat May 14 13:51
        Shae Bilson was an extremely petite female of twenty. At her fullest drawn up height, she just barely touched the five foot line and her small frame only topped ninety pounds when she was soaking... more
        • Eh, they'll get used to it. (Quaffle@SUM hoops)Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Sat May 14 14:08
          She huffed in annoyance when the Edwards man intercepted Jian's hit. Turning to follow him, she returned his wink with an eye-roll, smiling despite herself. Yes, Quidditch was serious, but she... more
          • Crushing you? Don't worry, we already are.Calix Panos {Fireball Beater}, Sat May 14 15:12
            His first ever game at Sapienti. Calix strode onto the pitch, beater's bat held in a stiff grip by his side, broom clutched in his bare hand as he walked into the locker room to get changed and... more
            • You can never crush our spirits!Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Sat May 14 19:11
              Angela never got to see if her shot went in. She heard the sharp crack of a bat, and though the blonde really ought to have learned after all of Jian's intense training to pay close attention to... more
              • It may be inevitably crushed in the long run...Patrick DiCaprio, Sat May 14 20:49
                Patrick was frustrated beyond belief at the moment and growled before he turned his broom back around and followed the Asian Chaser. He followed him as close as his broom would allow him (which... more
                • Not in this lifetime.Shae Bilson (Chaser), Sat May 14 23:12
                  Shae was happy to see that Angela was there to take the quaffle. Jian and her can be the ones to handle the goals. Shae would happily stick to intercepting the quaffle from the opposing team so that... more
                  • Time to get my head in the game. [Pass to SUM Chaser]Patrick DiCaprio, Sat May 14 23:48
                    Patrick hadn't noticed his pass getting intercepted until it was too late. After leaving the injured girl, he saw another fly right past him. He frowned and trailed her immediately, and when she... more
                    • It's a bit late for that.Jian Wong, Sun May 15 01:58
                      Well aware of the faint dizzyness hovering at the back of his skull, Jian slowly turned himself until he was flying right-side-up once more. For a moment, it looked like Angela's shot was going to go ... more
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