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Jian Wong
Lying Flying in wait.
Sun May 15, 2011 21:49

"Xiǎo xīn!"

In an instant, dark eyes had flicked up towards the familiarly horrid accent and taken in the even more familiar look on the blonde's face. In another instant, he had twisted sharply to the side, dived down and shot out underneath the Sapienti chasers instead of coming at them head-on as he had initally been doing. He could feel their bodies right above his and flattened himself against his broom even more in hopes that he wouldn't get kicked in the head accidentally (or on purpose - he didn't know how motivated they would be to physically attack him, but after his first game with the Hippogriffs in his freshman year he refused to give anyone the chance).

Pulling up once he was safely past them, he saw Norman with the Bludger that, judging by Angela's scream, had been shot directly at him. Good. The Bludger had been awfully close to those Sapienti chasers, so Norman could probably send it right into their faces from where he was. He nodded back to the Beater and then spun about to mirror Angela's flight, the two of them flanking the Sapienti Chasers as they headed down the pitch. Unless he were to land right on top of them, there was no way he could get the ball away from their possession. For now, he just followed them closely. Waiting for a chance to strike.

  • ShalalalaNorman Dexter, BH Beater, Sun May 15 20:05
    Norman was an apathetic player, he liked the game, but really didn’t feel the same passion most of his teammates did. He played because he needed a scholarship to Williamsburg University, and he... more
    • Lying Flying in wait. — Jian Wong, Sun May 15 21:49
      • Waiting seems to be what you do bestHector, Mon May 16 00:49
        The game was rapidly turning into something quite entertaining. The Boardhound Chasers weren’t that good, if he was being honest. They were intercepting their passes with ease. Hector smiled, as he... more
        • Just wait till we pounce. Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 01:11
          Emilie was relatively new to Quidditch. She was a second year now, so she'd had a year and a summer of practice, but she still didn't know if it was going to be enough for this game. She'd been... more
          • yeah yeah...Hector, Mon May 16 01:37
            Okay, the Keeper being dumb and actually stopping his throw with his face was something new to the blonde chaser. He couldn’t help it, but he laughed. The laughter ceased after a few seconds, his... more
            • Still waiting...Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Mon May 16 10:38
              Gabriel began to feel the usual impatience that came upon him after minutes of not making contact with the Quaffle. He had never really felt himself play for anybody before, and had to stop looking... more
            • Can't find anything real to say in response?Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 10:37
              The same Chaser came back, and Emilie groaned. She gripped her broom tightly, flying in front of the center hoop, when he suddenly came straight at her. She couldn't help it; she closed her eyes... more
              • The wait is over!Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Mon May 16 10:57
                He sprang up as the keeper once again blocked the shot, and lifted his hands to deflect it away from the intended Boardhound chaser, and lunged forward to again gather the Quaffle. “Gracias!” He... more
                • So you tell yourself...Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 15:49
                  Emilie growled in frustration as another Fireball Chaser intercepted her pass and "threw" it to the right goal hoop, which she lunged for. Then she felt incredibly stupid because he had thrown it to... more
                  • Shall I take a shot now? Patrick DiCaprio, Mon May 16 16:29
                    Patrick noticed something about the Keeper. She always seemed a second too slow, which was why Gabriel and Hector's throws hadn't worked very well. They made the mistake of feinting against a girl... more
                    • Don't bother.Jian Wong, Mon May 16 19:20
                      This was turning into a very back and forth game, Jian noted dryly to himself after DiCaprio intercepted a pass intended for him again . He was by nature a very calm person, and getting the ball... more
                    • My turn to take charge now.Shae Bilson (Chaser), Mon May 16 19:20
                      Shae was getting incredibly sick with how these Fireball chasers were playing. They were circling their keeper like a hawk so that Emilie couldn’t ever make a pass to one of her own teammates. It was ... more
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