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Gabriel Errant {Chaser}
The wait is over!
Mon May 16, 2011 10:57

He sprang up as the keeper once again blocked the shot, and lifted his hands to deflect it away from the intended Boardhound chaser, and lunged forward to again gather the Quaffle. “Gracias!” He laughed, pulled his arm back and feinted at the right goal hoop, shot forward toward the left, and made a sharp turn to pull back and threw hard at the right goal hoop, a slight spin on the ball so that it curved away from the keeper. He pulled back for either Hector or Patrick to try and intercept the next pass and moved more towards the middle of the pitch as a defense. He had always been a more offensive player (continuous shots toward the goals, always speeding forward and never back) but had been advised by David to learn a new skill set; advice he had taken seriously. He wasn’t the best player but he wanted to be the best that he could be. He would be graduating in little over a year, after which there was no Quidditch. He couldn’t leave the sport satisfied until he had conquered himself within it.

Wind rusting his hair, he was grateful for the headband that kept the curls out of his eyes and focused on his other players and nothing else. A bludger usually made itself known to his alert ears before impact, and Calix and Liana had shown they could be a good team during practice. True, they often seemed to like to target more than protect (perhaps this was more true of Calix) but Gabriel felt safer with these beaters on his side than any other.

Another period of waiting (one second… two seconds… three seconds) and he shifted on his seat, straightening a little to wait for a play to engage in. He couldn’t hope for the Quaffle to stay forced upon the Boardhounds’ side forever and didn’t really want that. He needed consistency of inconsistent unpredictable movement. He hated when chasers were bunched up. The thrill was in the flying, the passing, interceptions, and all that led up to the score. But the actual score was just a period of reflection and a transition to another one. Gabriel found suddenly that he could hardly care about the game (the score, who won, how many shots made it in); much of his life had changed, some of it seemed set in stone (he had always thought he’d grow up to be free) but Quidditch wouldn’t. As long as he got to move, he was happy.

  • Can't find anything real to say in response?Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 10:37
    The same Chaser came back, and Emilie groaned. She gripped her broom tightly, flying in front of the center hoop, when he suddenly came straight at her. She couldn't help it; she closed her eyes... more
    • The wait is over! — Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Mon May 16 10:57
      • So you tell yourself...Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 15:49
        Emilie growled in frustration as another Fireball Chaser intercepted her pass and "threw" it to the right goal hoop, which she lunged for. Then she felt incredibly stupid because he had thrown it to... more
        • Shall I take a shot now? Patrick DiCaprio, Mon May 16 16:29
          Patrick noticed something about the Keeper. She always seemed a second too slow, which was why Gabriel and Hector's throws hadn't worked very well. They made the mistake of feinting against a girl... more
          • Don't bother.Jian Wong, Mon May 16 19:20
            This was turning into a very back and forth game, Jian noted dryly to himself after DiCaprio intercepted a pass intended for him again . He was by nature a very calm person, and getting the ball... more
          • My turn to take charge now.Shae Bilson (Chaser), Mon May 16 19:20
            Shae was getting incredibly sick with how these Fireball chasers were playing. They were circling their keeper like a hawk so that Emilie couldn’t ever make a pass to one of her own teammates. It was ... more
            • That is appreciatedJian Wong, Mon May 16 19:34
              Jian had come here for a game, a competition. Being forced to hang back while the other team mobbed his Keeper was most certainly not his idea of competition. Emilie was trapped in, blocked at all... more
              • Slippin' by! [Calling a Fireball Chaser and Beater!]Patrick DiCaprio, Mon May 16 20:26
                Patrick was annoyed that the Boardhound Chasers kept intercepting their passes. It was only fair to return the favor. He'd almost had a shot at that goal too! Patrick lowered his head and sped up to... more
                • Wow, same move, very predictableShae, Mon May 16 20:39
                  She felt so much better having finally obtained the quaffle and was now soaring through the sky next to Jian who had easily caught her pass to him. She didn’t directly respond to him because it was... more
                  • Another intercept. 'Surprise, surprise.' Another lap pass. 'Surprise!' . DiCaprio was far too predictable. Jian preferred games where the opposition actually kept him on his toes. But, you know,... more
                    • Your imminent defeat?Calix Panos {SUM Beater}, Tue May 17 10:22
                      An auburn brow was raised in both mild amusement and contempt for the chasers flocking the field. Calix turned his broom around and sped off from where he had been following the Boardhound seeker... more
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