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Daniel Moncada {Boardhound Seeker)
Silver Seeking Gold
Mon May 16, 2011 13:26

Several panic attacks and months later, Chuckles was ready to go back to seeking. It was a tiresome routine that he had to go through every time he missed catching the snitch (There’s only one damn thing you’ve got to do and you couldn’t do it!) and he was grateful to his teammates for putting up with him. He was still a good seeker, if a little high strung, nervous, and socially inept outside the pitch. Gripping his broom tightly in his hand, Chuckles’ whole body relaxed the minute he swung his legs over his broom. (This is better. This is muuuch better.) He waited for the referee to blow the whistle and then kicked off, rising higher than all the other players.

In the air he was no longer Chuckles (nervous pretty boy no one ever took seriously due to the unfortunate habit of breaking into laughter whenever he got near intimacy with a girl) but Daniel Moncada, hawk of the skies and slayer of snitches. He bent parallel to his broom and shot off in search of a glint in the skies, for the moment not acknowledging the opposing seeker’s presence. While most of the players were wearing their robes, Daniel nearly always froze and so wore gloves, a scarf, wool socks and silk pajamas beneath him. He would have worn a hat or ear muffs but that could interfere with his hearing. Besides, it would shield his hair and defeat the purpose of his ritual.

Every Quidditch season he chose a new color; the family therapist (a respected doctor employed by the family for no reason other than to reassure themselves that they had problems and so had something always interesting to talk about at the country club) had suggested that he try out different appearances as a temporary solution to him not quite liking himself. The colors calmed him down. This season was silver. His hair was dyed silver, he had a pattern of silver dots lined around his eyes (hours screaming in pain as the tattoo artist worked, hours sobbing in pain as the laser surgery removed it, hours whimpering in submission as he forced himself to get the tattoo done again), he had convinced a teammate to paint his nails silver for him, and had streaks of silver paint cascading in different patches on his legs and arms. He wasn’t Chuckles, he was Daniel Moncada, silver king. (Hawk of the skies. Slayer of snitches.)

Was that a glint of gold? It wasn’t but he didn’t care. He liked to imagine the snitch when he was bored, and he bored quickly (anything was better than anxiety though) and dove after air now, weaving in and out of players, becoming steadily aware of the other seeker and bludgers. The game had already begun for others but now it had begun for him. (Just me.) Silver streaked the air, seeking gold.

  • RECENTERING GAME. New Thread Here. (nm)Coach Green, Sun May 15 17:07
    • Silver Seeking Gold — Daniel Moncada {Boardhound Seeker), Mon May 16 13:26
    • ShalalalaNorman Dexter, BH Beater, Sun May 15 20:05
      Norman was an apathetic player, he liked the game, but really didn’t feel the same passion most of his teammates did. He played because he needed a scholarship to Williamsburg University, and he... more
      • Lying Flying in wait.Jian Wong, Sun May 15 21:49
        "Xiǎo xīn!" In an instant, dark eyes had flicked up towards the familiarly horrid accent and taken in the even more familiar look on the blonde's face. In another instant, he had twisted... more
        • Waiting seems to be what you do bestHector, Mon May 16 00:49
          The game was rapidly turning into something quite entertaining. The Boardhound Chasers weren’t that good, if he was being honest. They were intercepting their passes with ease. Hector smiled, as he... more
          • Just wait till we pounce. Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 01:11
            Emilie was relatively new to Quidditch. She was a second year now, so she'd had a year and a summer of practice, but she still didn't know if it was going to be enough for this game. She'd been... more
            • yeah yeah...Hector, Mon May 16 01:37
              Okay, the Keeper being dumb and actually stopping his throw with his face was something new to the blonde chaser. He couldn’t help it, but he laughed. The laughter ceased after a few seconds, his... more
              • Still waiting...Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Mon May 16 10:38
                Gabriel began to feel the usual impatience that came upon him after minutes of not making contact with the Quaffle. He had never really felt himself play for anybody before, and had to stop looking... more
              • Can't find anything real to say in response?Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 10:37
                The same Chaser came back, and Emilie groaned. She gripped her broom tightly, flying in front of the center hoop, when he suddenly came straight at her. She couldn't help it; she closed her eyes... more
                • The wait is over!Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Mon May 16 10:57
                  He sprang up as the keeper once again blocked the shot, and lifted his hands to deflect it away from the intended Boardhound chaser, and lunged forward to again gather the Quaffle. “Gracias!” He... more
                  • So you tell yourself...Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 15:49
                    Emilie growled in frustration as another Fireball Chaser intercepted her pass and "threw" it to the right goal hoop, which she lunged for. Then she felt incredibly stupid because he had thrown it to... more
                    • Shall I take a shot now? Patrick DiCaprio, Mon May 16 16:29
                      Patrick noticed something about the Keeper. She always seemed a second too slow, which was why Gabriel and Hector's throws hadn't worked very well. They made the mistake of feinting against a girl... more
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