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Coach Green
Tue May 17, 2011 17:44

  • Roaring Fireballs Vs. Williamsburg BoardhoundsCoach Simon Green, Fri May 13 14:22
    It was the day of the first game the SUM Fireballs were going to play under his coachship, and from what he had heard from the Captain and the practices he had seen under disguise, he was sure his... more
    • RECENTERING GAME (nm) — Coach Green, Tue May 17 17:44
      • I made it!Elly Eriksson, Seeker, Thu May 19 17:46
        They'd practised a great deal, and Elly believed whole-heartedly that her team was ready for their big game. The Beaters had been working well together - for the most part, though Elly had been... more
        • Glad to see you! (Bludger@Daniel Moncada)Liana Chapman, Thu May 19 19:22
          Liana had been mostly tracking the Seekers around the pitch. The two of them were the highest priority; how well she could protect Elly from stray Bludgers or follow through on opportunites to knock... more
          • But not quite as glad to see you.Danny, Thu May 26 00:09
            There was a CRACK that rippled the air, reaching Daniel's ear and causing him to react immediately. He could sense the bludger being hit straight and enjoying constant speed. Daniel shot off, lean... more
            • Redundant, but jubilantElly Eriksson, Seeker, Sun May 29 10:48
              Soaring, swerving, and Seeking the Snitch was exactly how Elly liked to spend her days. Proving their exceptional capabilities, Liana and Calix had ensured that Elly hadn't had to endure any... more
      • And around we go again.Shae Bilson (Chaser), Tue May 17 18:30
        OOC: Hey Patrick, you need to be careful with how you write your posts. Your last post basically wrote for the other SUM chaser by just taking the quaffle and not allowing for the other person to... more
        • around and aroundNorman Dexter, Beater, Tue May 17 20:16
          Norman was baffled by the game. He wasnít an expert Chaser, but he was sure what they were doing was bordering on the illegal. However, this game had nothing on the game they had played against the... more
          • And bringing it back.Jian Wong, Tue May 17 22:12
            After Quidditch, flying was Jian's favorite thing in the world. Maybe even more than Quidditch. He wasn't one to boast, but he knew he was really quite good at it too, if only because his style of... more
            • Finally, getting a moment to do something!Hyana Kamiya [SUM Keeper], Tue May 17 23:04
              Quidditch was probably the only thing that Hyana felt good about when it came to Sapienti. Sure, she was in a Healing program, and she was getting good grades, and she was becoming a little stronger... more
              • And what you do, you do so nicely!Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Wed May 18 00:13
                Though not especially close, most probably due to schedules outside of Quidditch, Gabriel was nevertheless able to enjoy the time he spent with Hyana as a friend whom he did his utmost to make laugh. ... more
                • I agree whole-heartedly!Patrick DiCaprio, Wed May 18 01:19
                  Patrick had narrowly dodged the Boardhound Chaser's kick, but a little nick in the head wasn't too bad. He could deal with that. After making his goal and not allowing the cheering to go to his head, ... more
                  • Doing not so well, myselfAngela Oakes {Chaser}, Wed May 18 21:33
                    Angela knew she was being entirely unhelpful right now. Her optimism that her arm would somehow fix itself in time to score a goal was rapidly fading, though she was keeping a good face on. She... more
            • Quaffle@Sapienti goals, by the way (nm)Jian, Tue May 17 22:13
        • OOCPatrick DiCaprio, Tue May 17 18:48
          Shoulder to shoulder contact can be broken, it's not that difficult, really. And I did say slam . But thanks for the heads up, or whatever. Game on!
    • RECENTERING GAME. New Thread Here. (nm)Coach Green, Sun May 15 17:07
      • Silver Seeking GoldDaniel Moncada {Boardhound Seeker), Mon May 16 13:26
        Several panic attacks and months later, Chuckles was ready to go back to seeking. It was a tiresome routine that he had to go through every time he missed catching the snitch ( Thereís only one damn... more
      • ShalalalaNorman Dexter, BH Beater, Sun May 15 20:05
        Norman was an apathetic player, he liked the game, but really didnít feel the same passion most of his teammates did. He played because he needed a scholarship to Williamsburg University, and he... more
        • Lying Flying in wait.Jian Wong, Sun May 15 21:49
          "Xiǎo xīn!" In an instant, dark eyes had flicked up towards the familiarly horrid accent and taken in the even more familiar look on the blonde's face. In another instant, he had twisted... more
          • Waiting seems to be what you do bestHector, Mon May 16 00:49
            The game was rapidly turning into something quite entertaining. The Boardhound Chasers werenít that good, if he was being honest. They were intercepting their passes with ease. Hector smiled, as he... more
            • Just wait till we pounce. Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 01:11
              Emilie was relatively new to Quidditch. She was a second year now, so she'd had a year and a summer of practice, but she still didn't know if it was going to be enough for this game. She'd been... more
              • yeah yeah...Hector, Mon May 16 01:37
                Okay, the Keeper being dumb and actually stopping his throw with his face was something new to the blonde chaser. He couldnít help it, but he laughed. The laughter ceased after a few seconds, his... more
                • Still waiting...Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Mon May 16 10:38
                  Gabriel began to feel the usual impatience that came upon him after minutes of not making contact with the Quaffle. He had never really felt himself play for anybody before, and had to stop looking... more
                • Can't find anything real to say in response?Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 10:37
                  The same Chaser came back, and Emilie groaned. She gripped her broom tightly, flying in front of the center hoop, when he suddenly came straight at her. She couldn't help it; she closed her eyes... more
                  • The wait is over!Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Mon May 16 10:57
                    He sprang up as the keeper once again blocked the shot, and lifted his hands to deflect it away from the intended Boardhound chaser, and lunged forward to again gather the Quaffle. ďGracias!Ē He... more
                    • So you tell yourself...Emilie McClure, Mon May 16 15:49
                      Emilie growled in frustration as another Fireball Chaser intercepted her pass and "threw" it to the right goal hoop, which she lunged for. Then she felt incredibly stupid because he had thrown it to... more
    • At last! [SUM Chaser]Patrick DiCaprio, Fri May 13 16:37
      Patrick was so ready for his first match at SUM. He had woken early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and took a run for half an hour on the pitch before taking a shower and changing into his... more
      • Let's get this started.Angela Oakes {Chaser}, Fri May 13 17:09
        Angela was quite excited for this match. She had heard good things about the Fireballs, particularly the men of the team, and being stuck in an arranged marriage with a hopelessly boring Ministry... more
        • Starting off on a bang (Quaffle@Sapienti goals)Jian Wong {Chaser}, Fri May 13 17:24
          Quidditch was Jianís life and honour and pride, all wound up into one small red ball. Though he enjoyed it as a game, that wasnít what he played it for. He played it to win. Personally, he had... more
          • I didn't hear itHector Edwards, Fireball Chaser, Fri May 13 19:27
            It was the day of the match, and Hector was quite excited about it. Quidditch was always something he enjoyed to do. He didnít particularly like his teammates (with the exception of Elly), but that... more
            • Yeah, me neither...[SUM Chaser!]Pat, Fri May 13 20:36
              Patrick was a little peeved that his pass didn't get through, but Hector made up for it quickly. Pat zoomed over, trailing him, and then caught the pass that his teammates threw. He pulled to the... more
              • I did but it came from our side.Gabriel Errant {SUM Chaser}, Sat May 14 11:14
                The first thing he did when he woke up (and for once he wasn't late; an alarm clock, a screeching owl, and water charmed to splash on his face all in order to ensure that he wouldn't embarrass... more
                • You're all just in denial.Jian Wong, Sat May 14 13:42
                  The instant before his broom made contact with the Quaffle, Jian saw a flash of robes from the corner of his eye, but it was too late for him to slow down enough to keep from hitting the ball towards ... more
                  • They don't like ego crushersShae Bilson (Chaser), Sat May 14 13:51
                    Shae Bilson was an extremely petite female of twenty. At her fullest drawn up height, she just barely touched the five foot line and her small frame only topped ninety pounds when she was soaking... more
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