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Shae Bilson (Chaser)
And around we go again.
Tue May 17, 2011 18:30

OOC: Hey Patrick, you need to be careful with how you write your posts. Your last post basically wrote for the other SUM chaser by just taking the quaffle and not allowing for the other person to actually write a response to everything that is going on. I realize that in Quidditch, itís fast paced, but authors have RLs and you need to be patient and allow them time to react to everything too. You also have to remember where each player is. Shae is literally shoulder to shoulder with the SUM Chaser, she isnít just going to let Patrick slide on in so that he can take the Quaffle. BIC.

Shae saw Jian out of the corner of her eye flank the chasers other side, although he did not start ramming him like Shae was. That was fine. If she kept up her pace with the shouldering, there was a chance that the SUM chaser would actually loosen his grip on the quaffle and Jian would be there for the steal. Jian was the better chaser so if Shae had to be the rough one with the game of shoulder tag, than so be it. So long as Jian won out in the end.

She heard the whirl. The whirl that was associated with bludgers and looked quickly around to see where it was. And then she spotted it. It was heading to Jian. Her blue eyes glanced over at him, she knew he had to have heard it and the look he gave her indicated that he was definitely aware. Shae trusted Jian and so, she returned her focus to the SUM chaser. As small as she was, Shae still had some force behind her and so she used that to her advantage by pushing up into the chaser in hopes of jostling the quaffle loose.

Shae hadnít been looking at Jian, but she realized he was no longer in view and the bludger was close. He was hanging upside down. She had no idea how he could ever manage to stay upside down or twirling around repeatedly without getting light headed or losing his lunch. He was the only one she knew who could. With his current position, Shae knew the bludger would hit the SUM Chaser, so she kept herself wedged against him to prevent him from being able to fly off.

And then something completely bizarre happened. Even though the black haired haired chaser had been at the end of the pitch, he somehow managed to come back to where they were before the bludger could reach them, made a dirty move by trying to break Jianís broom and then, by another miracle, lodged himself between her and the other SUM chaser. Shae didnít know how he did it unless he was using his wand illegally during the game because Shae had been right up against the SUM chaser that she didnít see how else someone else could come between them unless with magic.

What surprised her the most though was the fact that the SUM chaser just let the black haired chaser take the quaffle from him. Just take it. As though the black haired one did all the work and they were nothing more than his little mules. And then he was gone and throwing the quaffle back at Emilie. Shae was going to ask Jian about foul play. It just didnít seem possible for this guy to do everything that he just had in such a short amount of time.

Shae grabbed the quaffle as Emilie threw it, ďCanít save Ďem all, Em. Let it go.Ē She was trying to be encouraging. Right now, one score just didnít matter. And, she had been doing great thus far. No need for her to get upset over one goal. Without another word, Shae shot off again and back toward the right goals. This time, Shae waited until one of her fellow chasers were practically on top of her before passing. If SUM were going to play this way, might as well follow suit. Even though she was still refusing to just drop it into their laps, she instead, tossed it lightly to her teammate.

  • RECENTERING GAME (nm)Coach Green, Tue May 17 17:44
    • I made it!Elly Eriksson, Seeker, Thu May 19 17:46
      They'd practised a great deal, and Elly believed whole-heartedly that her team was ready for their big game. The Beaters had been working well together - for the most part, though Elly had been... more
      • Glad to see you! (Bludger@Daniel Moncada)Liana Chapman, Thu May 19 19:22
        Liana had been mostly tracking the Seekers around the pitch. The two of them were the highest priority; how well she could protect Elly from stray Bludgers or follow through on opportunites to knock... more
        • But not quite as glad to see you.Danny, Thu May 26 00:09
          There was a CRACK that rippled the air, reaching Daniel's ear and causing him to react immediately. He could sense the bludger being hit straight and enjoying constant speed. Daniel shot off, lean... more
          • Redundant, but jubilantElly Eriksson, Seeker, Sun May 29 10:48
            Soaring, swerving, and Seeking the Snitch was exactly how Elly liked to spend her days. Proving their exceptional capabilities, Liana and Calix had ensured that Elly hadn't had to endure any... more
    • And around we go again. — Shae Bilson (Chaser), Tue May 17 18:30
      • around and aroundNorman Dexter, Beater, Tue May 17 20:16
        Norman was baffled by the game. He wasnít an expert Chaser, but he was sure what they were doing was bordering on the illegal. However, this game had nothing on the game they had played against the... more
        • And bringing it back.Jian Wong, Tue May 17 22:12
          After Quidditch, flying was Jian's favorite thing in the world. Maybe even more than Quidditch. He wasn't one to boast, but he knew he was really quite good at it too, if only because his style of... more
          • Finally, getting a moment to do something!Hyana Kamiya [SUM Keeper], Tue May 17 23:04
            Quidditch was probably the only thing that Hyana felt good about when it came to Sapienti. Sure, she was in a Healing program, and she was getting good grades, and she was becoming a little stronger... more
            • And what you do, you do so nicely!Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Wed May 18 00:13
              Though not especially close, most probably due to schedules outside of Quidditch, Gabriel was nevertheless able to enjoy the time he spent with Hyana as a friend whom he did his utmost to make laugh. ... more
              • I agree whole-heartedly!Patrick DiCaprio, Wed May 18 01:19
                Patrick had narrowly dodged the Boardhound Chaser's kick, but a little nick in the head wasn't too bad. He could deal with that. After making his goal and not allowing the cheering to go to his head, ... more
                • Doing not so well, myselfAngela Oakes {Chaser}, Wed May 18 21:33
                  Angela knew she was being entirely unhelpful right now. Her optimism that her arm would somehow fix itself in time to score a goal was rapidly fading, though she was keeping a good face on. She... more
                  • Normally I'd say how sad I am to hear that.Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Thu May 19 10:30
                    Patrick caught the pass and Gabriel continued to push on with slightly lesser speed and then made a complete stop, hovering in the air when he saw Oakes circle around and intercept the Quaffle.... more
                    • Now isn't a normal situation.Liana Chapman, Thu May 19 19:30
                      After knocking a Bludger towards the silver man, Liana saw the other Bludger nearby and flew down to meet it. With the Seeker above her and the Chasers still in a huddle farther down the pitch, she... more
          • Quaffle@Sapienti goals, by the way (nm)Jian, Tue May 17 22:13
      • OOCPatrick DiCaprio, Tue May 17 18:48
        Shoulder to shoulder contact can be broken, it's not that difficult, really. And I did say slam . But thanks for the heads up, or whatever. Game on!
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