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Hyana Kamiya [SUM Keeper]
Finally, getting a moment to do something!
Tue May 17, 2011 23:04

Quidditch was probably the only thing that Hyana felt good about when it came to Sapienti. Sure, she was in a Healing program, and she was getting good grades, and she was becoming a little stronger as a person. Even so…Hyana ignored the invitation to a top notch Healing program as she got ready for that day’s game. She couldn’t be distracted now.

So many times, probably because of Hector, Hyana felt useless at practice. It was getting better since Elly was captain, but she still had moments when she felt like the team didn’t need her. The chasers could defend the hoops all on their own. Hector certainly didn’t believe she could do it. Gabriel and Patrick were nicer, though, and Hyana appreciated their presence on the team. They were a good team, and they could win today.

Hyana couldn’t stop the small bit of nervousness from filling her stomach.

The Japanese girl forced down a breakfast and sped to the Pitch. In her mind, she was late, but she was probably earlier than Elly. Hyana hated being late to anything, especially not big events like this. They were facing a really good team; how could she not take this seriously?

A speech, handshake, and blow of the whistle later, Hyana was up in the air and waiting to protect their goals from attempts at scoring. She wanted to watch everything going on, cheer for her team, but her focus was on that red ball being passed around. And boy, was it being passed around! Her first opportunity arose to save the Quaffle and prove her worth to the team, but Hector (typical) stole that chance from her.

Fine. Do that. But I can take care of myself, Hector!

Her second chance to seriously play arose, but then Patrick took that from her, too! He smiled back at her and Hyana managed a small one back, even though her insides were bubbling with a mix of frustration, hurt, and anger. Did no one think she could do this? She’d been playing Keeper for years! There was a reason she made it on the team.

She watched her team’s chasers now, only because they had the Quaffle in their possession. Hyana could hardly believe how good the other Keeper was. They blocked the shots, like, how many times? She tightened her grip on her broom and grinned when they finally scored. Of course, logic stated that once someone scored, it would be coming to the other side of the Pitch. Her side.

Thank you, logic. She steeled herself and watched the Quaffle carefully. This time, they were going to let her save the Quaffle. They had no choice; Hyana didn’t know if she could stand it otherwise.

Hyana refused to budge from the center hoop. The chaser with the Quaffle was trying to make eye contact with her own brown eyes, but Hyana didn’t pay attention. Once, that would have intimidated her to no end, but she was stronger. Braver. She could do this.

Third time’s the charm! The Quaffle was heading towards the center hoop (by not paying attention to the player, she managed to ignore the feint to the right), but the spin it gained was suggesting otherwise. Hyana sped to the left hoop and caught the Quaffle. It was going fast enough to hit her stomach and make her release a bit of air in quiet surprise, but she grinned all the same. She spotted one of her team’s chasers and threw the Quaffle to them, tossing it up and using the tail of her broom for decent momentum. The faster it was going, the harder it would be to intercept, right? See that you guys? I can do this, too.

  • And bringing it back.Jian Wong, Tue May 17 22:12
    After Quidditch, flying was Jian's favorite thing in the world. Maybe even more than Quidditch. He wasn't one to boast, but he knew he was really quite good at it too, if only because his style of... more
    • Finally, getting a moment to do something! — Hyana Kamiya [SUM Keeper], Tue May 17 23:04
      • And what you do, you do so nicely!Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Wed May 18 00:13
        Though not especially close, most probably due to schedules outside of Quidditch, Gabriel was nevertheless able to enjoy the time he spent with Hyana as a friend whom he did his utmost to make laugh. ... more
        • I agree whole-heartedly!Patrick DiCaprio, Wed May 18 01:19
          Patrick had narrowly dodged the Boardhound Chaser's kick, but a little nick in the head wasn't too bad. He could deal with that. After making his goal and not allowing the cheering to go to his head, ... more
          • Doing not so well, myselfAngela Oakes {Chaser}, Wed May 18 21:33
            Angela knew she was being entirely unhelpful right now. Her optimism that her arm would somehow fix itself in time to score a goal was rapidly fading, though she was keeping a good face on. She... more
            • Normally I'd say how sad I am to hear that.Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Thu May 19 10:30
              Patrick caught the pass and Gabriel continued to push on with slightly lesser speed and then made a complete stop, hovering in the air when he saw Oakes circle around and intercept the Quaffle.... more
              • Now isn't a normal situation.Liana Chapman, Thu May 19 19:30
                After knocking a Bludger towards the silver man, Liana saw the other Bludger nearby and flew down to meet it. With the Seeker above her and the Chasers still in a huddle farther down the pitch, she... more
                • BAMHector, Fireball Chaser, Sat May 21 01:53
                  Hector had decided that stalking the Boardhound’s side of the pitch had made the game become boring. The only good thing that had come from it was the realization that their Keeper was rubbish.... more
                  • BLOCK...Emilie McClure, Mon May 23 16:34
                    Emilie was growing a little bored as she watched the match. Sure she wasn't the biggest fan of the Quaffle coming her way, but it could at least come near and then be stolen again. Like that hadn't... more
                    • Or, um, not...Jian Wong, Mon May 23 17:21
                      Jian always evaluated his team's performance constantly throughout their games. Even when he was a kid, even when he hadn't been the Captain, he had still always done it. It was habit to watch them... more
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