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Elly Eriksson, Seeker
I made it!
Thu May 19, 2011 17:46

They'd practised a great deal, and Elly believed whole-heartedly that her team was ready for their big game. The Beaters had been working well together - for the most part, though Elly had been concerned their connection was not so strong this side of midterm - and might be able to draw on this tactic to outwit the other players. The Keeper had been showing steady improvement over the past years - Hyana had been playing the position a long time, and the fact that she was mildly intimidated by Hector in practises seemed to be having the desirable side-effect of making her more fearless in games. The Chasers had been working incredibly hard, and had many routines, tactics, and maouevres up their sleeves. True, the opposition had an excellent Head Chaser, but Elly couldn't be sure their Chasing team was up to scratch; she was confident that Hector, Gabriel and Patrick would give them a real run for their money.

As for the Seeker... well, Elly had faith in herself. She was a strong Seeker; she'd been playing the position since she was twelve years old, and she pushed herself harder than most (and consequently had taken more trips to the medic than she cared to mention). She relied on Liana and Calix to keep her out of danger from Bludgers, and then she just had to hope that she was in the right place at the right time when the Snitch appeared. A Seeker could be the best in the world at his or her job, but if the Snitch decided to be elusive, or present itself in the other Seeker's favor, there often wasn't much to be done about it. Elly always played her best, and she knew the rest of her team would do the same. The opposition wouldn't know what had hit them.

With this determination settling in her as she prepared for the game, Elly ate a quick breakfast of toast and scrambled egg, washed it down with orange juice, and made sure her shoelaces were tied well. She'd braided her long, orange curls tightly back from her face, and clipped back the stray curls round the front that always somehow managed to wriggle loose. By the time she'd made it to the pitch with her broomstick in hand, Seeker’s gloves on, and black Quidditch robes billowing round her ankles, Elly was ready to play. She gathered the team around her for a quick captain’s pep-talk before the game. She was feeling especially peppy, and she grinned widely at them as she spoke. “Okay, team, this is going to be an awesome game,” she predicted. “Beaters, you guys work together. Seeker is a main target, as usual, but their Captain’s known for scoring goals, so if he looks like he’s causing hassle, feel free to take him out, too.” She wouldn’t exactly be happy if she did manage to catch the Snitch but they still lost on points – then again, Hyana would do her best to stop the Quaffle any time a Chaser let it get that far, so she wasn’t too worried. “You guys don’t need me telling you what to do -” she’d been doing that enough in practises already, -“so let’s just get out there, and win the game!”

It was one of her more upbeat pre-game speeches, and that was appropriate, she felt. It was a good day, and she had a good feeling about the game as she walked over to shake hands with the other captain. Actually, she got even better feelings about the game when she saw the other Seeker. Now, Elly was all for self-expression, but the other Seeker looked plain weird. In a sort of cool way, and maybe at a festival it would be fine, but out of the Quidditch pitch Elly found it odd. Maybe that was the point – to distract her from looking for the Snitch because she was caught up in looking at the other Seeker’s shiny qualities. Not likely; she had focus.

The whistle blew, and Elly kicked off the ground. It was fairly solid, frozen by the snow and cold weather, but a bit slippery on top where the snow had melted. The grass acted as a mat, creating decent friction as the tips of Elly’s soles left the ground. She soared into the air, enjoying as always the feeling of freedom, of complete jubilation as she flew effortlessly over the other players. It was her game now.

Elly began with a couple of warm up laps, as always, keeping her eyes open for Bludgers and the Snitch. She did a couple of weaves, twisting her broom this way and that, and getting used to the feel of it (despite the fact she flew it every single morning). She wasn’t in a hurry to catch the Snitch as such – it was a pleasant enough day and she didn’t need the game to end quickly – but she didn’t want the Chaser to live up to his reputation and score loads of goals, either. She made a resolution to keep an ear out for the score so she knew what was going on. She wouldn’t panic, but if she thought the game needed to end sooner in their favour she might try her time-honoured method of shadowing the Silver Seeker. It wasn’t always a good option, but it was a decent method of knowing what the other Seeker was doing, and moving exactly when they did. Elly wouldn’t use that tactic as first choice, though – she trained alone, and she was used to Seeking alone. Having someone else to watch simply took her attention off the Snitch, and that wasn’t good for a Seeker.

  • RECENTERING GAME (nm)Coach Green, Tue May 17 17:44
    • I made it! — Elly Eriksson, Seeker, Thu May 19 17:46
      • Glad to see you! (Bludger@Daniel Moncada)Liana Chapman, Thu May 19 19:22
        Liana had been mostly tracking the Seekers around the pitch. The two of them were the highest priority; how well she could protect Elly from stray Bludgers or follow through on opportunites to knock... more
        • But not quite as glad to see you.Danny, Thu May 26 00:09
          There was a CRACK that rippled the air, reaching Daniel's ear and causing him to react immediately. He could sense the bludger being hit straight and enjoying constant speed. Daniel shot off, lean... more
          • Redundant, but jubilantElly Eriksson, Seeker, Sun May 29 10:48
            Soaring, swerving, and Seeking the Snitch was exactly how Elly liked to spend her days. Proving their exceptional capabilities, Liana and Calix had ensured that Elly hadn't had to endure any... more
    • And around we go again.Shae Bilson (Chaser), Tue May 17 18:30
      OOC: Hey Patrick, you need to be careful with how you write your posts. Your last post basically wrote for the other SUM chaser by just taking the quaffle and not allowing for the other person to... more
      • around and aroundNorman Dexter, Beater, Tue May 17 20:16
        Norman was baffled by the game. He wasn’t an expert Chaser, but he was sure what they were doing was bordering on the illegal. However, this game had nothing on the game they had played against the... more
        • And bringing it back.Jian Wong, Tue May 17 22:12
          After Quidditch, flying was Jian's favorite thing in the world. Maybe even more than Quidditch. He wasn't one to boast, but he knew he was really quite good at it too, if only because his style of... more
          • Finally, getting a moment to do something!Hyana Kamiya [SUM Keeper], Tue May 17 23:04
            Quidditch was probably the only thing that Hyana felt good about when it came to Sapienti. Sure, she was in a Healing program, and she was getting good grades, and she was becoming a little stronger... more
            • And what you do, you do so nicely!Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Wed May 18 00:13
              Though not especially close, most probably due to schedules outside of Quidditch, Gabriel was nevertheless able to enjoy the time he spent with Hyana as a friend whom he did his utmost to make laugh. ... more
              • I agree whole-heartedly!Patrick DiCaprio, Wed May 18 01:19
                Patrick had narrowly dodged the Boardhound Chaser's kick, but a little nick in the head wasn't too bad. He could deal with that. After making his goal and not allowing the cheering to go to his head, ... more
                • Doing not so well, myselfAngela Oakes {Chaser}, Wed May 18 21:33
                  Angela knew she was being entirely unhelpful right now. Her optimism that her arm would somehow fix itself in time to score a goal was rapidly fading, though she was keeping a good face on. She... more
                  • Normally I'd say how sad I am to hear that.Gabriel Errant {Chaser}, Thu May 19 10:30
                    Patrick caught the pass and Gabriel continued to push on with slightly lesser speed and then made a complete stop, hovering in the air when he saw Oakes circle around and intercept the Quaffle.... more
                    • Now isn't a normal situation.Liana Chapman, Thu May 19 19:30
                      After knocking a Bludger towards the silver man, Liana saw the other Bludger nearby and flew down to meet it. With the Seeker above her and the Chasers still in a huddle farther down the pitch, she... more
          • Quaffle@Sapienti goals, by the way (nm)Jian, Tue May 17 22:13
      • OOCPatrick DiCaprio, Tue May 17 18:48
        Shoulder to shoulder contact can be broken, it's not that difficult, really. And I did say slam . But thanks for the heads up, or whatever. Game on!
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