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But not quite as glad to see you.
Thu May 26, 2011 00:09

There was a CRACK that rippled the air, reaching Daniel's ear and causing him to react immediately. He could sense the bludger being hit straight and enjoying constant speed. Daniel shot off, lean form parallel to his broom and worked to outstrip the bludger. A Fireball player flew beneath him and Daniel dove, bludger following, swerving sharply to avoid collision and successfully avoided the threat, the mindless enchanted ball switching its attentions to a new victim.

There had been no sighting of the snitch, so beyond the exercise, nothing had been lost or achieved. Daniel shook off the bludger and began a steady loop around the field. He wasn't in much of a rush, and they weren't so far ahead in the league that they could afford to end the game with only 150 points. Daniel didn't pay attention to the chasers at the moment, but assumed that his team was proving their superiority once more. My fault we lost last year. My fault.

It wouldn't be his fault today. Was that a flash of gold? It wasn't but Daniel dove, streaking close to a Fireball player, drawing attention to himself from the stands. He loved basking in the glow of suspense. It always hung heavy in the air. It warmed him, made him flush with color and feeling he could never capture on land. Daniel grinned into the wind and pulled up slightly, circling below most of the players and sought flashes of gold once more. Come out, come out wherever you are...

  • Glad to see you! (Bludger@Daniel Moncada)Liana Chapman, Thu May 19 19:22
    Liana had been mostly tracking the Seekers around the pitch. The two of them were the highest priority; how well she could protect Elly from stray Bludgers or follow through on opportunites to knock... more
    • But not quite as glad to see you. — Danny, Thu May 26 00:09
      • Redundant, but jubilantElly Eriksson, Seeker, Sun May 29 10:48
        Soaring, swerving, and Seeking the Snitch was exactly how Elly liked to spend her days. Proving their exceptional capabilities, Liana and Calix had ensured that Elly hadn't had to endure any... more
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