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Elly Eriksson, Seeker
Redundant, but jubilant
Sun May 29, 2011 10:48

Soaring, swerving, and Seeking the Snitch was exactly how Elly liked to spend her days. Proving their exceptional capabilities, Liana and Calix had ensured that Elly hadn't had to endure any Bludgers; in fact, she hadn't even had to avoid any, because her Beaters had redirected any and everything that had looked as though it was coming her way. Consequently Elly was free to focus on her own task in the game. It also meant that she didn't have to shadow the other Seeker to reduce Bluger likelihood, and these two benefits combined at a crucial moment to create the scenario in which Elly now found herself: she had spotted the Snitch (she was almost certain it was the tiny ball and not some glint from jewellery or a watch face, or some other Godforsaken reflective object that really ought to be banned from games simply for her own sanity) and it was by far closer to her than it was to Silver Seeker, her ooposition.

From here, the win should be easy. The Fireballs were already twenty points up, and the Chaser famed for his scoring abilities had yet to pass one goal. This in itself was phenomenal news for the Fireballs, and would do wonders for their reputation. Catching the Snitch now would mean a win by 170 points, which was admirable no matter how you looked at it. Feeling immensly proud of her team, Elly was determined not to let them down by messing up what ought to be an easy catch. She was a good flier, and a good Seeker - she knew the pitfalls to avoid, like drawing attention to herself, only to have the Snitch fly off again out of reach, or forgetting that bludgers can still hit her even when the Snitch is in sight.

Glancing towards Silver Seeker over the other side of the pitch, Elly tilted her broom gradually to change direction slowly, in a manner that could be conceived as her naturally changing course, rather than an intentional diversion. Once facing the right way, she sped up a bit. Again, not accelarating so fast that anyone would know what she was up to, but she flew steadily faster, gaining a little in height (diving was by far the best way to get somewhere quickly, and was impossible if your target was higher than you), and keeping her eyes and ears trained for Bludgers. She was away enough from the game that Chasers and stray Quaffles shouldn't present an issue, but she was now getting close enough that a shout from the crowd could alert the other Seeker. Elly was still convinced she was close enough to get there in time, but that was assuming the Snitch didn't decide to go in the opposite direction, and make the reverse true. They were ticky little gadgets.

Right, now it was definitely the Snitch, and Elly was close enough to make that mad dash. Suddley lying flat on her broom, she dipped her nose a little forward, and shot off so fast that if you'd have blinked you would have missed her. She absolutely loved the rush of adrenaline she got in these last few seconds, knowing the game would be over, and in their favour. She was already envisioning a victory party that evening, but no - she had to focus more than ever in these last crucial moments. The Snitch was there, bobbing and twitching, but staying more or less in the same place. then, as if it sensed her, it took off, but towards the right - away from the other Seeker. Elly felt her heart jump in her chest. She swerved out a little, flung her right hand off her broom, and with a final burst of energy, she reached out and closed her hand over the tiny metal ball, feeling the wings struggling against her grip.

With a whoop of delight, Elly raised her fist in the air, and pulled her broomstick handle up, riding high up above the game. She heard the whistle blew, signalling the end of the game. Success!

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    • Redundant, but jubilant — Elly Eriksson, Seeker, Sun May 29 10:48
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