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Patrick DiCaprio
While the night is still young for us...
Thu Aug 4, 2011 04:28

Patrick had needed lots of advice for this second part of the date. It had taken some time to think up things to do. He had come to the pitch earlier and had set up a picnic blanket with several throw pillows and had a bottle of wine and orbs of light that he had charmed to twinkle and float around them for the ambiance. He hoped the sky would continue to stay clear. It was looking awfully cloudy which had ruined his plan of kissing, er, sitting with Elly under the stars. He sat down on the blanket, satisfied for the moment, though the butterflies in his stomach made him feel slightly sick.

As he waited for her, he uncorked the bottle and poured himself a glass. It was nearing 10:30, the time he had told her to meet him, and he checked his watch nervously. He didn't want to mess this up. Feeling a little fidgety now, he drummed his fingers against his knee and looked up into the sky for the fiftieth time. And then he looked at the softly twinkling balls of light. They were like little stars on the dark pitch. Full of hope and goodness. Heh. He should be a poet.

Patrick sipped from his glass again and ran a hand through his hair. He'd changed into a white dress shirt earlier though, in his need to do something with his hands, had rolled up his sleeves to his elbows twice. He didn't know what he was so nervous for this part of their date. Maybe because it was a little more romantic than he had previously anticipated. And maybe because those stupid clouds were still there. And maybe because they might suddenly run out of things to talk about and he might start talking about something idiotic and ruin the date.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Patrick closed his eyes for a moment, listening to the sounds of the winds rustling through the grass. He had a sudden urge to fly, or kick a ball around, or something. Something to keep his mind occupied. He hoped she'd be here soon.

    • And while we're still youngElly Eriksson, Fri Aug 12 12:27
      After a busy day - well, a busy term, actually - in which Elly didn't feel like she'd given all the attention to Patrick he'd deserved, she was finally on her way to spend time with just him, with no ... more
      • We'll make use of the time we havePat, Sun Aug 14 14:14
        Patrick smiled at Elly's eagerness and put his hand behind her head and curled his fingers into her bright hair. Hair he could spot anywhere. He closed his eyes and pulled her closer. Several minutes ... more
        • Good use. Got it.Elly, Wed Aug 24 10:38
          Mmm, Patrick kisses. Elly felt all the stress of the day melt away into nothing - not that she was really the sort of person who got stressed out much, but rushing around and balancing college, work, ... more
          • Patrick was thrilled that she had brought cookies. They were his favorite dessert. Well, one of, anyway. He didn't have a real sweet tooth, but cookies and cheesecake were his weaknesses. She... more
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