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Elly Eriksson
And while we're still young
Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:27

After a busy day - well, a busy term, actually - in which Elly didn't feel like she'd given all the attention to Patrick he'd deserved, she was finally on her way to spend time with just him, with no interuptions or distractions. It was unintentional, of course, that he hadn't been a bigger part of her life. She liked him a lot, honestly she did, and she got those fluttery butterfly feelings whenever they kissed. In fact she couldn't help but smile to herself just thinking about him. When she was on the way to meet him, like she was just now, she had a grin on her face and a bounce in her step. She just had a lot going on in her life, and she knew Patrick understood that. In some ways, their hurried and brief encounters (apart from at work, when they could often spend hours together but they were working, so that was different) simply made special occasions like this one all the more special.

Unfortunately the sky was clouding over, but the weather was still warm. Elly had decided to make a little more effort than usual. True, she didn't think Patrick minded that she lived in jeans, but also this was a proper date, so she really ought to make a proper effort. She was still wearing jeans, but they were a fairly new pair - a skinny fit and dark blue. With them she wore a lilac vest top, and over the top of it all, floaty transparent purple dress that wouldn't even have been a part of her wardrobe if she hadn't seen it while shopping with Arlette. Elly almost took it off again before heading out, but she figured she'd paid the money for it, she might as well wear it. It was very simple, with off-shoulder sleeves to the elbow, and the skirt floated down to just above her jeans-covered knees.

Just in case the evening cooled considerably, Elly picked up a green zip-up hoodie as she slipped her feet into ornage flip-flops and, having run a brush a couple of times through her untameable orange curls, exited the trailer. She had already decided to walk to the pitch - it wasn't far and despite the trouble of past summer the junior student felt safe around the campus. She might be a couple of minutes late because she'd been waiting for some cookies to finish baking. They were chocolate chip, and her own secret recipe. She'd debated putting in some of her signature inhibitions inhibitor potion, but then decided that she and Patrick probably didn't need any further encouragement. The un-spiked cookies were in a cotton bag that Elly had slung over her shoulder, that also held her wand, coin purse and diary out of habit.

A little bit later than right on time but not so late to be considered rude, Elly arrived at the pitch and could immediately identify Patrick's whereabouts by the floating orbs of light above a scattered pile of pillows. Quickening her pace and grinning like a Cheshire cat, Elly soon came up to him, and dropped her bag, and kicked off her flip-flops before dropping ungracefully to her knees. She leant in and kissed Patrick before she'd uttered even so much as a 'hello.'

  • While the night is still young for us...Patrick DiCaprio, Thu Aug 4 04:28
    Patrick had needed lots of advice for this second part of the date. It had taken some time to think up things to do. He had come to the pitch earlier and had set up a picnic blanket with several... more
    • And while we're still young — Elly Eriksson, Fri Aug 12 12:27
      • We'll make use of the time we havePat, Sun Aug 14 14:14
        Patrick smiled at Elly's eagerness and put his hand behind her head and curled his fingers into her bright hair. Hair he could spot anywhere. He closed his eyes and pulled her closer. Several minutes ... more
        • Good use. Got it.Elly, Wed Aug 24 10:38
          Mmm, Patrick kisses. Elly felt all the stress of the day melt away into nothing - not that she was really the sort of person who got stressed out much, but rushing around and balancing college, work, ... more
          • Patrick was thrilled that she had brought cookies. They were his favorite dessert. Well, one of, anyway. He didn't have a real sweet tooth, but cookies and cheesecake were his weaknesses. She... more
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