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We'll make use of the time we have
Sun Aug 14, 2011 14:14

Patrick smiled at Elly's eagerness and put his hand behind her head and curled his fingers into her bright hair. Hair he could spot anywhere. He closed his eyes and pulled her closer. Several minutes into their kiss, Pat was getting rather tired of holding them both up and he wrapped the arm that had been holding him up around her and fell onto his back. Then he pulled away and smiled at her. "You made me drop my wine glass," he whispered to her, grinning like mad, and kissed her again. It didn't matter that it was staining the blanket or that it might be getting his jeans wet. As long as it didn't get onto his shirt, he was all right. Not that it really mattered either, now that Elly was here.

He was very glad for moments like this he could spend with Elly. He enjoyed making their dates as romantic as possible because, though they spent an awful lot of time together at work and such, it wasn't quite as romantic. The cafe was hectic and they couldn't say much to each other on especially busy days and with their grumpy boss looking over their shoulder all the time.

All in all, he was immensely glad he'd found someone like himself. The female version of himself. She was a work-a-holic and he was more than grateful that she understood him. His schedule was one that not many, except for his brothers, understood very well. And now Elly. Goodness, he liked her a lot if anything was to be said about this mind-blowing kiss they were sharing right now. She was a damn good kisser.

He finally pulled away, breathless and flushed, his gray eyes bright. He grinned at her. He hadn't even had time to look at her outfit. He was at a loss of words with her. Maybe it was better that he didn't talk. He would probably go on about nothing, rambling because that was what he did best. He just grinned at her, trying to catch his breath, wanting just to kiss her again and do whatever she wanted to make her happy.

  • And while we're still youngElly Eriksson, Fri Aug 12 12:27
    After a busy day - well, a busy term, actually - in which Elly didn't feel like she'd given all the attention to Patrick he'd deserved, she was finally on her way to spend time with just him, with no ... more
    • We'll make use of the time we have — Pat, Sun Aug 14 14:14
      • Good use. Got it.Elly, Wed Aug 24 10:38
        Mmm, Patrick kisses. Elly felt all the stress of the day melt away into nothing - not that she was really the sort of person who got stressed out much, but rushing around and balancing college, work, ... more
        • Patrick was thrilled that she had brought cookies. They were his favorite dessert. Well, one of, anyway. He didn't have a real sweet tooth, but cookies and cheesecake were his weaknesses. She... more
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