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Good use. Got it.
Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:38

Mmm, Patrick kisses. Elly felt all the stress of the day melt away into nothing - not that she was really the sort of person who got stressed out much, but rushing around and balancing college, work, Quidditch and a social life could be exhausting. Now all she had to do was relax, and pay attention to Patrick, and have him pay attention to her, and it was just fabulous. She didn't really think that Patrick minded dropping his wine glass, and she happily joined him in lying down onto the blanket.

When he pulled back from the kiss (or kisses, if one was being picky), he was smiling at her, and his eyes were sparkling. Elly couldn't help but grin back, and she became aware for the first time of a feeling that she liked dark eyes. Physical apperance hadn't had much of an impact on her life thus far - while she could appreciate whether or not a person looked nice, she was usually far more interested in all their non-visible qualities - but she felt she could now say with some certainty that she liked dark eyes. "I brought cookies," she said, grinning as usual.

After another quick kiss, Elly sat herself up and looked properly at the set up Patrick had provided. "I approve," she said, nodding as she took in the blanket, wine, lights... he'd really made an effort here, and it was lovely. She also saw the spillage she'd apparently caused, and once she retrieved her wand from her bag she cleared that up with a quick charm. "Good as new," she commented with a smile. Then she withdrew the cookies from her bag - they were in a tub - and placed them out on the blanket with the other consumables. "My own secret recipe," she told Patrick, leaning into him. "So how about that wine?"

  • We'll make use of the time we havePat, Sun Aug 14 14:14
    Patrick smiled at Elly's eagerness and put his hand behind her head and curled his fingers into her bright hair. Hair he could spot anywhere. He closed his eyes and pulled her closer. Several minutes ... more
    • Good use. Got it. — Elly, Wed Aug 24 10:38
      • Patrick was thrilled that she had brought cookies. They were his favorite dessert. Well, one of, anyway. He didn't have a real sweet tooth, but cookies and cheesecake were his weaknesses. She... more
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