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I'm sure we both know exactly what that means
Thu Aug 25, 2011 20:28

Patrick was thrilled that she had brought cookies. They were his favorite dessert. Well, one of, anyway. He didn't have a real sweet tooth, but cookies and cheesecake were his weaknesses. She distracted him from his thoughts with another kiss before she sat up. He lay there for another moment before getting up. He could feel his heart swell at the fact that she approved of this whole atmosphere. Nothing like a night on the Quidditch pitch, the place where they both felt very comfortable. Maybe besides the cafe.

"Wine?" he said absently, then smiled. "Right." He put his arm around her and reached to his other side to grab his wand. With a flick, the bottle was depositing its contents into her glass. "Mademoiselle," he said, handing it to her. With another wave of his wand, wine was poured into his glass as well. Then the cork was stuck back into the bottle and settled onto the grass beside him.

He smiled and reached for the wine glass. He took a sip and sighed, happy. "Now let's try Elly's cookies. See if they're any good," he teased. He took it out of the container and bit into it. "Wow," he said, not really surprised at all, "these are good." He finished that cookie quickly and had another in his hand. "You've found my weakness," said Patrick with a grin before polishing off that cookie as well. "Dessert and kisses is the way to Patrick's heart." He winked and, after washing it down with a large gulp of wine, leaned in to kiss Elly again. He was crazy to have thought that dark-haired girls was his type. Elly was his type. Heh. He liked the sound of that.

OOC: Pat has gray eyes. Just letting you know!

  • Good use. Got it.Elly, Wed Aug 24 10:38
    Mmm, Patrick kisses. Elly felt all the stress of the day melt away into nothing - not that she was really the sort of person who got stressed out much, but rushing around and balancing college, work, ... more
    • I'm sure we both know exactly what that means — Pat, Thu Aug 25 20:28
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