johnny ringo
Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:07


as to are reponse i do not know johnny tingos family iam a history buff interested in wyatt earp@brothers also the legend of johnny ringo
i got one e-mail from someone saying johnny was in there family.check out the forum under roy.


  • john ringoroy, Tue Jan 22 13:45
    like to know if johnny ringo has any descendants living today.
    • johnny ringo — roy, Wed Dec 24 10:07
      • Ringo-Roy ConnectionJim Ringo, Thu Dec 25 09:37
        The Ringo Family History reflects a Effie Caldona Roy from IL, whose son, Kenneth Eugene Maupin, married Majorie Jane Ringo
    • johnny ringojeremy miller, Wed Dec 24 03:42
      hey man im jeremy miller and my dad has always been told that johnny ringo was his great great grandfather and my dads fathers momma was a ringo was so if you can help me with tryin to solve this for ... more
      • doc holidayroy, Wed Dec 24 15:32
        dose anyone know why doc turn not so good.he was very educated a dr of dentistry why would he take up with the earps i dont know he seem to have a mean streak in did he get from georgia to... more
        • Re: doc holidayelizabeth, Sun May 26 10:47
          Also you asked about his *mean streak* Really, he didn't have one. People were different back then. And Doc became a constant drinker as he knew that his days were numbered because of the... more
        • Doc Holidayelizabeth, Sun May 26 10:40
          roy, Wyatt and his family moved to town because this was a good time to take advantage of the gold rush everyone was heading somewhere to pan/dig for gold. The town then, was booming with business.... more
          • Re: Doc Holidayvonfrese, Tue May 28 14:16
            There is a connection with Cole Younger and the family of Jesse James in Clay county. I believe Mary(Johnny's mother) had a sister who was married to Cole Younger. The Simms is connected somewhere to ... more
        • Doc HolidayLuther Gale Baker, Mon Jul 20 15:13
          Doc got T.B. form his mother, and went west for because it was thought the dry air was suppose to be good for T.B.Doc took up gambleing, because with T.B. coughing all over the person in the chair he ... more
          • Doc Holiday, ect.elizabeth, Sun May 26 10:55
            One thing that does bother me is the way that the movie Tombstone has shone a different light on each character and isn't exactly accurate. When you fall in love with a character i guess it is fun to ... more
          • DOC HOLIDAYROY, Tue Jul 21 11:42
    • johnny ringojeremy miller, Wed Dec 24 03:32
      hey man im jeremy miller and my dad has always been told that johnny ringo was his great great grandfather and my dads mom was a ringo so if you can help me with tryin to solve this for me and my... more
      • Ringo-Miller ConnectionJim Ringo, Thu Dec 25 09:27
        Jeremy, There are a whole bunch of Miller family connected to the Ringo family. Johnny Ringo is in the Major Ringo line, Volume V of the Ringo Family History. Page 85, Vol V, mentions the marriage of ... more
    • Ringo Family TodayJim Ringo, Sat Mar 1 17:11
      Roy, there is over 3000 Ringo family members alive and kicking today. The first Ringo to arrive in America (1640)was Philip Janszen Ringo, born 1615 in Zeeland, Holland. Philip Ringo was on contract... more
      • johnny ringoemilia ramirez, Sun Nov 2 04:49
        Johnny Ringo was my grandmother's grandfather-- and yes we are both alive.
        • re: grandfatherJohnny Ringo, Tue Nov 25 16:38
          Jonny never had any offspring
        • Johnny RingoJIm Ringo, Sun Nov 2 09:16
          John Peters Ringo line in the Ringo Family History is in the Major Ringo Line, Vol V. Volume XIII is the family name index and is in 378 pages, starting with the name Aanrud, Ida and ending with... more
      • info johny RingoDick Wilson, Mon Sep 1 03:50
        Jim' I am an avid fan of the old west and have been reading some on Johny Ringo. Most of what I have read describes him as a cowboy but none of the articles give any proof that he was ever in that... more
        • Johnny's LivingJim Ringo, Mon Sep 1 08:31
          John Peters Ringo was in the cattle business. He and some of his cowboy buddies would relieve the Mexicans of some of the their cattle and sell meat to the Miners in Tombstone. Your could always get... more
      • john ringoroy, Sun Mar 2 15:47
        hi jim is his body still buried by the tree.are did the family brought him back to looks like a tourist attraction. thanks
        • John RingoJim Ringo, Sun Mar 2 16:20
          Ole Johnny is still buried by the tree and I understand it is a tourist attraction. I've had conversations with several of my Ringo relatives and we mostly agree that his present burial spot is... more
          • john ringo (for jim)jeff cobb, Mon Mar 3 08:51
            do you know if his family ever kept or got possession of any of his old guns?
            • Johnny's gunsJim Ringo, Mon Mar 3 09:21
              Johnny didn't have much contact with his family after his brother Martin was killed in Texas during the HooDoo War. He made one or two visits with his Mom and sisters in California when he was in... more
              • johnnys gunsjeff cobb, Mon Mar 3 12:47
                do you know if any ever made their way into any collections or museums?
                • Re: johnnys gunsSteve Gatto, Thu Mar 13 08:17
                  John Ringo's Winchester rifle and Colt pistol, along with other items, were given to his family in San Jose, California, after his death. The rifle was purportedly lost when the San Francisco... more
                • Johnny's GunsJim Ringo, Mon Mar 3 14:20
                  What ever guns Johnny had when he died were with him when him by the tree. We always assumed they were picked up by the sheriff.
                  • Johnny's GunBrooke, Mon Jun 29 16:35
                    I have seen one of the guns. Apparently my great-uncle was there when he died. As they moved his body the gun from his boot fell out. I was told that my great-uncle grabbed it and turned it into the... more
    • Re: john ringoAnonymous, Mon Jan 28 05:59
      just see the film tombstone- makes you want to look deeper.
    • john ringoroy, Wed Jan 23 10:16
      is johnny ringo still buried by the tree in az are was he moved to somewhere else.and who is david johson. thanks
      • TrueButch Badon, Wed Jan 30 13:26
        that John Ringo is still buried where they first planted him at the base of the tree. The burial plot is located on private property and permission must be obtained before seeing the grave. As for... more
    • relativesDon Zesch, Wed Jan 23 10:04
      It is believed that Mary Peters Ringo (Johnny Ringo's mother) was a cousin to my 3rd great grandmother, Elizabeth Jane (Lizzie)Martin, wife of Isaac Jones. Mary Peters Ringo (Johnny Ringo's mother)... more
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