Jim Ringo
Ringo-Miller Connection
Thu Dec 25, 2008 09:27

Jeremy, There are a whole bunch of Miller family connected to the Ringo family. Johnny Ringo is in the Major Ringo line, Volume V of the Ringo Family History. Page 85, Vol V, mentions the marriage of Robert Hugh Miller to Enfield S.Peters, Johnny's mother's maiden name was Peters. Robert Hugh Miller, was the founder of the Liberty (MO) Tribune, in 1848

  • johnny ringojeremy miller, Wed Dec 24 03:32
    hey man im jeremy miller and my dad has always been told that johnny ringo was his great great grandfather and my dads mom was a ringo so if you can help me with tryin to solve this for me and my... more
    • Ringo-Miller Connection — Jim Ringo, Thu Dec 25 09:27
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