Re: Spence-Ringo
Tue Jan 6, 2009 08:22

Some members of the Ringo family changed their name spelling to Ringold and Ringgold. There is a Ringgold family that settled in Maryland, from England in 1750.
There are 70 different spellings of the Ringo name in Europe, depending on the language or scrib.

  • Re: Spence-RingoPhyllis Epure (Rhinegold), Mon Jan 5 09:25
    I was going through some of my dad's stuff and found pictures of John Ringo and alos his bible. I know I am related. My uncle spelled our last name Ringold but we spelled it Rhinegold which was the... more
    • Re: Spence-Ringo — Jim Ringo, Tue Jan 6 08:22
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